WBRi Feature: Deepen Mallick (Steel Guitar) & Tutul Ganguly (Spanish Guitar) Celebrate Tagore 150 with Instrumental Album

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[Deepen Mallick & Tutul Ganguly - Instrumental Guitar Tagore Songs]Washington DC, June 4, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Indian guitarists Deepen Mallick and Tutul Ganguly have released an instrumental Rabindrasangeet album commemorating Rabindranath Tagore's 150th anniversary. We at WBRi loved the album with it's mature, sophisticated instrumentation that you can listen to online using the player above, thanks to Deepen and Tutul for sharing it with you - our audience. Deepen tells us the album should be available shortly on Amazon.com: Deepen Mallick & Tutul Ganguly »

Deepen Mallick was inclined to music since childhood. He picked up Harmonica and Banjo at the age of eight and continued to play his music in small public appearances that used to give him fair amount of encouragement and subsequently inspired him for trying out Hawaiian Guitar at the age of 14.

At the age of 16 Deepen passed audition in General Category in All India Radio (AIR) Kolkata while he was supposed to be the only artist for Rabindrasangeet playing guitar and also the youngest one amongst various Guitar legends.

In 1979 Deepen and his close friend, Spanish guitarist Tutul Ganguly, made their first video performance in Doordarshan TV Chanel presenting their own composition ‘East meets West’.

Unfortunately Deepen could not make a sustained appearance in public events because of his professional commitment to his Engineering career after having graduated from Jadavpur University in Mechanical Engineering in 1975 although he had the opportunity for occasional appearance in public events playing his Steel Guitar. At the same time he noticed during the past few years Steel Guitar being a lovely lead instrument started to lose it’s importance in the music world which of course woken him up to find a possible re-incarnation of the instrument and he decided to re-introduce the instrument playing Indian Tunes starting with Rabindrasangeet as it deserves for enjoyment to many listeners around the world.

[Deepen Mallick]
Deepen Mallick with his Steel Guitar

Deepen found it could be the right moment for introducing their album comprising of 15 songs played by him and Tutul accompanied by Subhas Mondal - one of the leading keyboard players in Kolkata along with Anup on Saxophone and Steel Flute, Babu on Drums and finally his friend Tutul Ganguly on Spanish, Rhythm and Bass Guitars.

[Tutul Ganguly]
Tutul Ganguly with his guitar

Tutul Ganguly is a childhood friend of Deepen and they both appeared in numerous public functions, TV and AIR shows. Tutul is an exponent in Spanish Guitar and is primarily engaged in training guitarists and there are many bands and individual guitarists in the current musical world who have undergone training from him. It’s been nearly 45 years since they have been playing their guitar instruments and currently have unanimously agreed to roll out their first album in Rabindrasangeet as a tribute to Kabiguru.

The music arrangement of the current album has been composed by them with a slight touch of western flavor without compromising with the song texture and it’s notation. We hope that their innovative effort will find enjoyment to our listeners.

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