Kolkata Bangla Movie KHOKABABU (2012) - Fourth Time's the Charm for Tollywood Actors DEV and Subhashree

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[Tollywood Hero DEV and Bengali Actress SHUBHASHREE GANGULY in KHOKABABU Bangla Cinema 2011]

DEV and Subhashree
DEV and Shubhashree

June 3, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work): Yes, it’s true!

It’s the fourth time that the pair has signed a movie together! After Challenge, Porna Jai Joliya Re, and an untitled film by Sujit Mondal, Dev and Subhashree will be paired once more in choreographer Shankaraiyya’s directorial debut Khokababu!

Dev - Subhashree in a Bengali film song from Bangla Cinema Super-Hit "Challenge"

Dev and Subhashree have great chemistry, and after working with the actor on three previous projects, Subhashree feels her comfort level has gone up several notches as well. As she puts it: “We are really at ease with each other.”

Subhashree endorses her ‘good friend’ Dev as a more hard-working and a better actor now. Talking about him, she says: “Dev is putting in double the effort now.” “I have noticed that before a serious scene, he sits quietly in a corner. Even if somebody goes up to him for a chat, he asks them to come back later”, she adds. She herself has tried to copy her co-star’s working style to concentrate before a serious scene, and Subhashree concurs: “It is actually helping! The shots get Okayed fast as you go deep into your character.”

In Khokababu, Subhashree plays a don’s sister – essayed by Ferdous, and her character has to do a balancing act between the two men in her life – the brother and the lover, which is not much different from her roles in her previous flicks, she thinks. However, she does find it ‘pretty amusing!’

Though, everything is not the same for Dev in Khokababu, for sure! He is experimenting with a new look – with a moustache and all!

-- Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work

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