US-based Artiste Biba Singh Launches New Album "BIBA FOR YOU" - Album Review & MP3 Audio Songs Download

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Mumbai, May 31, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) The album has seven scintillating tracks including peppy dance nos. with fantastic lyrics. The song compilation is mostly Punjabi with a rustic touch but there is a fabulous English song too.  Biba has unveiled two videos to showcase the album and the third one will be launched soon.  The songs are already available on the leading social media and digital platforms and caller tunes are becoming a big hit.

Talking about her new album, Biba Singh says, “My new album Biba For You has racy peppy tracks targeted at the youngsters of today. However, I have tried to bring in traditional Punjabi tunes while interspersing them with pop and rock melodies preferred by the youth today. I am sure that the two videos will accentuate the lyrics and the beat. Watch out for my third video, which will be unveiled soon.”

Biba is going to excel and reveal new dimensions of her talent. The team has put in a lot of efforts in the overall packaging of Biba’s new album in terms of the music composition, videos and locales. The songs will be chart busters as soon as the album is released.

Though “Biba” was born and brought up in the US and later took up professional medical training, her parents always kept her connected to her roots of Indian culture. As a child prodigy, she commenced singing at a very young age of 7 and rendered her lovely vocals to the shabads in the Gurudwara. Over the years, she participated in multiple cultural programmes as well as continued singing shabads at the Gurudwara. The encouragement, love and motivation kept her going. The Singer had a number of teachers for music, but her constant teacher was none other than her loving mother, who wasn’t a Singer herself but would motivate her loving daughter.

However a couple of her dear childhood friends - Pinky Paras, Jatinder Paras, Vijay Wadhwa, Savita Ahuja, Daler Mehndi, Nikki Mehndi and Mika, she has known over the years, has helped her grow in her music career with all their guidance and motivation.  Nevertheless as the eldest child of the three, her parents have always kept a focus on education. At the same time, her father, being a Doctor, always wished that his loving daughter would follow his foot-steps as well as keep upto her passion of singing.

While Biba was in high school, she began to learn Hindustani classical music. But due to rigorous studies, she had to put Music on hold. Her love for music never ever stopped.  Soon when Biba was 21 years of age, she vividly remembers Daler Veerji telling her parents that their daughter should do an album, for it was her right time and age. At that same time, Biba had gotten admission into Medical school in New York, and her always supportive parents, guided Biba that its a must to continue with education and become a Doctor first and then look into hobbies.

As time passed, Biba’s loving parents passionately helped her release her shabad/gurbani album titled ‘Desire for Truth-Saachi Baani’, that was successfully recorded in New York City under the baton of Ustaad Taari Khan. Further more with high recommendations from Daler Veerji the Singer was to fly to India and cut a pop album but she did not do so because of her studies.

Biba went to Medical school and completed her MBBS and then her MD, and is now a successful board certified MD practicing doctor in New York. What she understands out of the whole thing is, Being a Doctor and a Singer has really-really helped her grow much more as a better human being.  Biba Singh did not ever think that cutting an album was going to be an easy task. It takes much efforts and hardwork to either make it or break it. It has come of age. Biba says that she then was introduced to Santokh Singh in 2009,  well known music director and fame of Channa Veh Ghar aja and other famous bollywood tracks who was the creator and director behind her debut album "BIBA", launched by MIKA which turned out to be a huge success.

So, now it’s that one moment of her life which she always dreamt of. And this year, she rejoices… thanking God in the first place for all His blessings showered upon her, thanking her loving parents, fans, friends and loved ones for their love and undying support and motivation.

- PRLog

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