Swapnil Joshi & Ami Trivedi Sport New Looks in "Papad Pol"


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Mumbai, June 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Starting tomorrow Kokila & Vinaychand (Ami Trivedi & Swapnil Joshi) will be seen in a new look on SAB TV’s light hearted comedy show Papad Pol. During the ongoing track Kokila is surprised as the residents of Papad Pol don’t indulge in Mangoes neither anyone in her family loves this fruits as much as she does.

Kokila aka Ami Trivedi decides to solve this mystery and as usual, Vinaychand aka Swapnil Joshi comes to her rescue.Vinay shares that his mother Kantaben and her very old friend Lata (Sejal Shah) are not on talking terms anymore. The story goes back when Kanta Kaki and Lata were thick of friends but due to certain misunderstandings between them stopped talking to each other. After this incident, Kanta Kaki decided not to eat mangoes.

Meanwhile Lata masi is in need for a nurse and hence Kokila decides to disguise as Marathi nurse-Mangla tokare and goes to stay at her place.Vinay is missing Kokila and decides to follow her to Gandhinagar.He is in disguise of a Kathiawadi guy named Somu.

During this sequence, Ami who, in real life is a Gujarati helped Swapnil Joshi to get into the character of Somu and Swapnil Joshi shared some handy tips with Ami to perfect her role of a Marathi character.

Ami Trivedi said that, “Swapnil is playing a kathiawadi character and I am enacting a Marathi nurse and it was great fun performing this sequence as we had to switch roles in reel life.”

Swapnil Joshi stated that, “It was so entertaining on the sets and Ami is a great sport. It was very funny as while performing a dance sequence on Dhinka Chika, I was wearing the traditional kathiawadi dress and I had to sport a moustache. I had to manage both the dress and the moustache too and Ami couldn’t stop giggling throughout the sequence.”

All residents of Papad Pol wish that Kokila and Vinaychand’s efforts bear fruit, the miscommunication between two best friends gets resolved, and everyone can enjoy eating mangoes together.

Watch Papad Pol every Mon-Friday at 8:00 p.m. only on SAB TV.

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