Interview | Akshay Kumar "Brad Pitt of Bollywood" in Patiala House (2010) Hindi Movie - Akky plays British-Indian young man

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May 29, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) According to Akshay Kumar in a CHANNEL-4 News TV interview video that you can watch free online, thanks to ntcreations channel on You Tube, Akshay Kumar plays the role of a British-Indian young man in the forthcoming Bollywood Hindi movie PATIALA HOUSE (2010). About 22 family members stay in the same house. The film is about generation problem, how an elder generation views what the younger generations wants to do, and how seniors in a big family try to stop younger members from taking a path that is perceived by the older generation to be dangerous or risky or even downright unethical.

What comes out of Akshay's interview is that Akshay is perhaps the eldest of the younger generation, and he is the only one amongst the youngsters who actually does not argue with his father. It appears Akshay's character thus takes flak even from his younger family members because of his refusal to contradict his father, and thus setting the expectations for other young members as well.
Don't miss the rendition of the venerable Gayatri Mantra by Akshay Kumar and his fellow actors and actresses in this wonderful interview video shared on You tube by ntcreations.

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