KITES goes - "bho-katta"... KITES (2010) Hindi Movie Review by Nilanjan Nandy

producer - rakesh roshan
music director - rajesh roshan
director - anurag basu
cinematography - ayananka bose

In the harsh and blistering terrain of the mexican desert, 'J' (Hrithik Roshan) is left for dead.
"J", a street-smart, carefree young guy once, is a 'wanted' man now.

His only mission is to find the love of his life 'Natasha' a.k.a. Linda (Barbara Mori).
She is a woman, staying in Nevada, who steps into "J" s life and changes it forever.
Natasha, engaged to a Tony, a psychotic individual, is 'J's only destination now.
Thus begins Rakesh roshan, the producers new "K" movie - KITES.
As they claim that this movie speaks of true love, which goes beyond barriers, beyond boundaries
and cultures, all I can say that "KITES" has 'run loose', what we Bengalis love to term as "BHOKATTA" !!
Rakesh Roshan's "K" magic falters for the first time in his life, and it seems that this movie will sink soon, that too without a trace. Both the versions (Hindi and English) has bombed.
The plot goes like this:
"J" played by Hrithik Roshan, is a Bollywood dance teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a parallel profession, he marries immigrant women to get them green cards. When Gina (Kangana Ranaut), the rich daughter of a powerful casino owner (Kabir Bedi), falls for him, "J" goes along in
order to marry into money. He discovers that his future brother-in-law, the vicious, homicidal Tony (Nick Brown), is about to marry a beautiful Mexican woman named Natasha (Barbara Mori), whom "J" knows as Linda, the last of the immigrant women he married.
On the night before "Natasha" and Tony's wedding, Linda and "J" spend a romantic night, humorously agreeing to a "divorce."
A jealous and boiling Tony, arrives at her apartment while "J" is there, and after he hits her, Linda impulsively knocks him out with a heavy object. Soon after,  "J" and 
Linda goes on the run toward Mexico, with Tony and police in pursuit.The LAW and the MAFIA, hunting them down...
However, KITES approaches it's climax nicely and ends on a tragic note.
Cinematography by Ayananka Bose is breathtaking, but the poor script makes a mess out of KITES.
It is evident that Anurag Basu of  a "Life in a Metro" / "Murder" and "Gangster" fame, is only good at lifting plots from foreign films, as he effortlessly COPIED Hollywood's "Dragonfly" into the Hindi - SAAYA, and Diane Lane's wonderful Hollywood thriller "Unfaithful" into the super-hit
Hindi film MURDER. Life in a Metro I believe was also a lift with the music sequences of Pritam, James and Soham singing on street corners lifted directly from Cameron Diaz  starrer -
"There's Something about Mary". In the past Anurag Basu has won by "pure chance"- and it is also evident in directors like Farhan Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and to an extent Vishal Bharadwaj too,
as all three are fizzling out after their first or second movie.

Farhan's magic was absolutely out of the window after his brilliant "Dil Chahta Hai" (considering Don2 a very simple thriller),
and Dibakar Banerjee's LSD bombed after his couple of notable hilarious films - "Khosla ka Ghosla" and "Oye Lucky. Lucky Oye",
and last but not the least, Vishal Bharadwaj falling face down with his much confusing , much boring, though much-awaited movie -  "Kaminey". If one observes closely , then one will realise that the directors in Bollywood are losing ground too soon only because they are depending on plagiarised ideas and materials. They lack originality, and hence their power to create "die" after a couple of films. The new breed of directors needs to be more focused to give the cine-goers "value for their money".
Before I wind up, I must say that now the time has come - when Hrithik Roshan should STOP favoring his Papa's production house- Filmkraft, and concentrate on getting good films, meaningful
films, otherwise, just like KITES, his fans and the nationwide craze will also vanish without a trace.

By the way, the news in the pipeline that Farhan's sister Zoya Akhtar, director of the flop film "Luck by Chance" has decided to re-make his brothers best film "Dil Chahta Hai"....GOD HELP US ALL!!!

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