AMANUSH (2010) - Original Bengali Movie Review by Aditya Chakrabarty | Romancing an obsessed psychopath

May 26, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio)

By Aditya Chakrabarty, WBRi Kolkata Correspondent

AMANUSH 2010 Bengali Movie PosterAmanush is a dark and very unusual film , but unfortunately it might not click with the audience.Soham in the biggest role of his career so far is the ‘Amanush’ which actually means inhuman but over here he is a psychopath killer. He is Vinod, an orphan who grows up in a church and gets a chance to study in an engineering college in Kolkata.There he is treated as an untouchable by everyone other than Rhea who becomes his close friend. He becomes obsessed with her and falls in love with her.

Vinod decides to remove anyone from the path who would come between them. He takes Rhea  away to North Bengal by lying to her that Adi would join them later. He goes and meets the Father of the church who asks him to let Rhea go, but Vinod prevents the father from informing Rhea and the father expires due to suffocation due to Vinod’s grasp.Vinod takes Rhea to a secluded place. Meanwhile the police along with Adi arrive there as they come to know that Vinod has killed Bobby. Rhea comes to know the truth and soon after Vinod kills the Inspector investigating the case. There is a tussle between Adi and Vinod whereby both of them are seen hanging from a high spot clinging on to Rhea’s hand.Vinod lets go of Rhea’s hand and falls to his death.

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Soham who has previously delivered a super-hit with Venketesh Films, ‘Prem Aamar’ (BUY Bengali Film DVD online) appears in Amanush which actually means ‘inhuman’ but over here the ‘Amanush’ is supposed to be a psychopath. Soham is in the biggest role of his life and it is indeed a very dark role in a very dark film.

This film is not expected to be lapped up by the audience unlike their other films though it might be a success slowly and steadily with time. The Indian audiences specially the Bengali mass are not used to seeing such films taking a few factors in consideration and so we have to wait and watch. Having said that, Soham is excellent as Vinod, a simpleton (the roles he is used to playing), a complete untouchable who completely transforms his character in the latter part of the film. As a psychopath, he brings all the necessary expressions on his face. He dances like a madman, he screams, he howls, he does everything necessary to make himself a man possessed by evil. Srabanti as Rhea does quite well as a person who is object of affection of two people though she clearly speaks out about her preference. Saswata Chatterjee is miscast as the Inspector and he clearly could have done without this role. The music by Jeet Gangly is good and in fact a couple of songs are very good. We get to see Mauritius for the first time in Bengali films and it looks very good.

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