Interview | JOSUA FREDRIC SMITH as CAPT. FREDRICK BROWN in DAM 999 (2010) Movie

Joshua Frederick Smith DAM 999May 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Actor Joshua Fredric Smith plays Captain Fredrick Brown, a tongue-in-cheek Anglo-Indian mariner, an epitome of Hasya, the rasa of mirth and fun. Joshua, who was born in Northern California, made it to Hollywood following his grandfather's desire to make him a 'star'. Through his passion and determination, he is slowly and steadily on his way to fulfilling that dream. Joshua's recent films are 'Finding a Place' and 'The Road to Freedom'.

In this exclusive intervie, Joshua says, "I play Frederick Brown and he is a British Naval Captain, and he has, kind of through the story, reunited with his friend Vinay [Vinay Rai] and his wife Raziya [Megha Burman], and it's just a story of them going throughout the screenplay and this movie. Frederick Brown has to save his sister ... I don't want to give too much away in this interview, but it was a really intense [experience]. DAM 999 - you've gotta see it."

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