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Bhitor O Bahire ETV Bangla Show Watch live Indian TV Channel OnlineMay 21, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bhitor O Bahire is a popular Bengali TV Show on Indian ETV Bangla TV Channel.

The show stars Debleena Dutta, Saswata Chatterjee, Koisani, Sagnik and others and is aired Mondays through Saturdays at 7:30 PM Indian time.

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Official Synopsis from ETV Bangla Website:

This is the story of Sanchari. This is also the Story of Ria. This is the story of their friendship.

Sanchari, our first protagonist is twenty five and lives with her mother Minati and brother Subho. She comes from a middle class background with morals and values intact in their places. She is the only earning member of the family after her father’s death. However after fighting it out all the way she is happiness reincarnated.

Riya is twenty seven, highly educated and pretty. She is brought up in a lavish manner. An extremely good natured and down to earth girl, Ria is totally unaware about the economic and social differences of human beings. To her real emotion and goodness is what counts in life. She is the other protagonist of this story.

Ananya is Kolkata’s most popular, women’s beauty product company. This company is run and owned by the humble and kind hearted Ratikanta Chowdhury, Ria’s father.

Ratikanta babu’s wife, Ramola Devi is Hitler womanized. At home, she has kept everything under her reins of rules and discipline. Every movement in this household is set to the needles of a clock.

Ratikanta babu’s son, Ranadeep, is thirty and a rebel. His nature runs contrary to Ramola devi’s state of order.

Ratikanta babu’s younger daughter, Rupsa, is poles apart from everyone in the family. She believes in creating her own identity and goes against the force of gravity. She is the free spirit and does not pay heed to her mother’s disciplinarian methods.

Like every family this family also has a secret…which once unfolds would create a major havoc...

Our story starts with Sanchari’s birthday.The day was running fine. Suddenly, she meets Ria who comes to her shop to buy flowers for the puja at her place. Ria is going home after two years of staying abroad for studies. Sanchari makes a special bouquet for her.  While Ria goes out of the shop she meets an accident. Sanchari comes running to her. She calls for a taxi and takes her to a nearby hospital, and saves Ria’s life by giving her blood.

Ria once back at home wants Sanchari to thank her to save her life. Ria and Sanchari meet. A special friendship blooms from that day. On the course of time they become soul mates.

The story takes many twists and turn from this juncture with Sanchari losing her job and Ria becoming the new M.D. of Ananya. Ria, immediately makes Sanchari join the company. Sanchari joins Ananya and with her sheer hard work proves her mettle and becomes indespensible to Ria and the company.

Meanwhile Ria’s elder brother has fallen for Sanchari. Sanchari has also developed a deep liking for Rono. Would their love blossom?

Riya finds a lover in the bank manager Abhijeet. They begin to get intimate with time. Ramala opposes this union…

Would Ria be able to marry Abhijit despite Romola’s disapproval?

Many problems crops up in Ananya out of nowhere…

Who is responsible?

Friendship, betrayal, deceit, dream, love and more encompasses “Bhitor O Bahire”

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