River Songs of Bengal | A Music Album feat. Folk Songs of Bangladeshi Boatmen


River Songs of Bangladesh (A Bengali Folk Songs Album)River Songs Of Bangladesh is a collection of beautiful folk songs of Bengal sung by the boatmen. The album lifts the spirit and has therapeutic value, at least based on what Leroy writes in his review of the CD, "I got this CD as a present and it looked like an ordinary CD when I opened it. but when I put it in my CD player it transported me on a pleasant journey to Bangladesh, endowed me with millions of Bangladeshi women, and empowered me to get out of my wheelchair and begin dancing. I asked my doctor about it and he said it was normal. I think it might have cured my cancer too but that wasn't at least until I got to song 4."

The 10 beautiful audio songs in this album are:

1. Asharh Maishya
2. Amar Gaye
3. Sagar Kuler Nalya - Chandana Banik
4. Ashar Tori
5. Sob Kichhu Diye Tare
6. Dhalla Nodi
7. Kon Ghate
8. Tista Nodir Pare
9. Sarbanasha Padmanodi
10. Sonar Tori

You can listen to free online samples and download the songs in MP3 format online - click here.

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