PublishAmerica Presents The Mitters of Kolkata by Dibyendu Ghosal

PublishAmerica is proud to present The Mitters of Kolkata by Dibyendu Ghosal.

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This is a romantic suspense thriller involving the MITTER family household based in  Kolkata, a city in eastern India. The author, who in his role as the protagonist Mr. Drayton Corvick, a person of Indian origin and of Hungarian descent and  who after solving the Newark Bay Railway disaster in New York (as in the first book NIGHT OF TEN), visits the  MITTER household to look for a rare material that has been kept by the family. The family comprises the head Dr. Mitter, his wife and their beautiful daughter, all of whom are of very mysterious characteristics. The young couple (the protagonist and the young daughter) develop a strong attraction towards each otherbut while generating hope to get hold of the material, she betrays the protagonist in a mysterious circumstance. But the undercurrent of the novel shows that the old British-era MITTER family is still maintaining the older values and characteristics in their lifestyles while interacting with Mr. Drayton Corvick even though the city has undergone vast changes in its name as well as demographically and in lifestyles and characterisitics in this modern era.

But above all, the author has maintained the tension and thrill from beginning of the novel to the end.  And has been able to universalize the style of writing while limiting the story within a city.

Dibyendu Ghosal was born and brought up in Kolkata City, previously known as Calcutta, India. He has a masters degree in computer science and engineering, and has devoted his time in literature, arts and cinema. His parents Mr. Saradindu ghosal is a former high-ranking india govt official and his mother Ranu ghosal is an ex-Bethunite. He is a man of literary convictions having the courage to follow his convictions unmindful of popular trends. His knowledge and works in world cinema, including Art-house, Parallel as well as commercial is huge. The lifestyle and writings of Dibyendu Ghosal are surrounded and molded by Elizabethan era British culture.

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