Growing curiosity about Hinduism prompts another Hinduism Summit at Chicago

May 16, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The first ever Chicago Hinduism Summits success last month in bringing together over 200 individuals, leaders and organizations, to facilitate Hinduism learning has prompted spontaneous support for another Hinduism Summit in the Greater Chicago area. This Hinduism Summit (Hindu Dharma Sabha) will be held on 5th June (Nija Vaishakh Krushna Ashtami 5112 as per the Hindu calendar) at the Hindu Temple of Lake County.

The Hindu Dharma Sabha welcomes anyone interested in understanding, living and preserving Hinduism. It brings Hindu and spiritual leaders on one platform, to work together for the cause of Hinduism and Hindu issues. The Hindu Dharma Sabha provides a practical direction on living Hinduism and preserving it in the face of denigration and misconceptions rife about Hinduism in society and media.

The second Hindu Dharma Sabha in the Greater Chicago area will commence and conclude with auspicious recitations from the Vedas and ancient Hindu Scriptures. It will feature enlightening presentations by selfless Hindu and spiritual leaders, and demonstrative videos on understanding, living and preserving Hinduism. It will include a unique exhibition of posters and books on Hinduism education. The event will be webcast live on FHA website for attendance and participation from anywhere in the world.

Presentations at the last Hindu Dharma Sabha created awareness about the central message of Hinduism, current issues facing Hindus and the unique spiritual science underlying Hinduism concepts and practices that hold out concrete solutions for current issues like the environmental crisis, religious intolerance, terrorism, etc. Its different, spiritual dimension based approach towards solving issues appealed to many. Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA), the organizers of the Hindu Dharma Sabha, have been lauded by speakers and honourable attendees of previously held Hindu Dharma Sabhas. (Statements and comments issued by various leaders and attendees are provided.)

Forum for Hindu Awakening is a non-profit, charitable organization devoted to awaken society to the unique spiritual science underlying Hinduism, motivate people to live and preserve it, and facilitate the spiritual progress of humanity at large.

When: Saturday, 5th June 2010 (Nija Vaishakh Krushna Ashtami 5112 as per the Hindu calendar)
Time: 2.30 - 6.00 pm
Where: Hindu Temple of Lake County
Address: 20444 W. Peterson Road, Grayslake, IL 60030

For more information and registration details, please visit or call the toll free number 1 877 303 3FHA (1 877 303 3342)

Statements and comments

We welcome Forum for Hindu Awakening to hold the next Hinduism Summit (Hindu Dharma Sabha) at our temple. Through this Dharma Sabha, we look forward to increasingly becoming a center for Hinduism learning besides being a place for Hindu worship, for our surrounding communities !

-          Shri. Hakumat Shroff, President, Hindu Temple of Lake County, Grayslake, IL, USA.

As an activist fighting to save persecuted Hindus in Bangladesh, I am honored to again participate in the Hindu Dharma Sabha, which unites Hinduism and Vedic principles with a resolute defense of the oppressed and self-defense.  In that way, too, the Dharma Sabha that is helping to further dialogue among Hindus and Jews so dear to my heart among two groups that share so much.

-          Dr. Richard L. Benkin, President, Forcefield.

Dharma Sabhas are like seeds of a banyan tree that are being sown around the world to promote greater awareness of issues that are important to the practitioners of Hindu dharma around the world.  The actual events bring these issues to a focus, share collective thoughts to address them, and help bring newer issues to collective awareness.  As these seeds sprout and take root, we would develop a common stronger platform to find good practical approaches for peaceful resolution of these issues and promote dharma.

-          Dr. Sanjay Mehrotra of Geeta Mandir, (Professor, Northwestern University).

"I attended the Hindu Dharma Sabha at the HTGC last month. I found the panel discussion very informative and thought provoking. One of the issues the session highlighted dealt with the numerous Hindu symbols and Deities which are being denigrated across the world in the name of art and freedom of expression. This is totally unacceptable. Hindus need to vociferously denounce these actions and mobilize support from all other religious communities to stop such activities which are insensitive and insulting to the Hindus tradition."

-          Shri. Dileep Thatte, Seven Stars non-profit group.

"The Dharma Sabha is a great opportunity for all Hindus to participate and advance their knowledge of Sanatana Dharma. In addition, the Sabha also provides knowledge about the current issues that are relevant to HIndus around the world. I was happy to have participated in a Dharma Sabha.                                                                                                                                                             

-          Professor M.G. Prasad, Taranga (, NJ, USA.

Conducting Dharm Sabha is in itself a great achievement. It is not only the Hindus, but the humanity as a whole that is going to benefit from it. I would like Dharm Sabha to be organized sometimes in my own country, Nepal, which has lost the glory of being the only Hindu country in the world. May such Dharm Sabha rejuvenate Hinduism and the tradition of spiritualism in this conflict-torn country.

-          Shri. Hari Bansh Jha, Ph.D., Professor of Economics & Executive Director, Centre for Economic and Technical Studies CETS), Kathmandu, Nepal, Member of World Hindu Federation & Special Correspondent, Hinduism Today.