Bengali Movie Le Chakka (2010) DEV-Payel in Ali Maula Full Song Promo

Ali Maula Full Song Audio Music Promo - Le Chakka - DEV - PayelMay 14, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Le Chakka seemingly has religious and political angles. From the trailers of the Srijan Arts' Bengali cinema directed by Raj Chakraborty, it appears the lead actress Payel Sarkar plays the role of a muslim girl who has a romantic relationship with a Hindu boy Abir Basu played by Tollywood Bengali film hero DEV (Deepak Adhikari).

In Le Chakka, DEV and Payel Sarkar appear together three years after their last film Ravi Kinnagi's I LOVE YOU (2007) [Buy DVD].

In the following full-song audio promo music video of "Ali Maula" from Le Chakka, Payel Sarkar's and Dev's characters execute a pretty steretypical north Calcutta love affair with remarkable lack of sensuousness.

Watch the promo video online.

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