DEV-Payel Le Chakka (2010) Tollywood Bengali Movie - Bindas Para Full Song Promo

Le Chakka Ekta Bindaas Para Full Audio Song Music PromoMay 14, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Srijan Arts' Le Chakka (2010) Kolkata Bengali cinema features Tollywood hero DEV with actress Payel Sarkar three years after their last film together - Ravi Kinnagi's I LOVE YOU (2007) [Buy DVD] . Le Chakka is directed by Raj Chakraborty.

In the new "Bindaas Para" full audio song promo-preview trailer, Dev playing the character Abir Basu starts by dancing with a kid with a Cricket ball and bowls at the stumps on the opposite side with no batsman in sight. Subsequently, various assorted people throw around their arms, legs and stomachs (most shirts seem to lack buttons around the bearers' tummies) - some of the carrying cricket gear - probably depicting the neighborhood enthusiasm for cricket. Eventually DEV tries to execute some of his hilarious break moves, and then bumps into a very studious-looking Payel Sarkar carrying books (she is therefore a student) and Payel takes a fall on the street.

Watch the music video online.

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