Syed Rafique Mahmud - North Indian Classical Instrumental Flute in Modern Bangladeshi Style

Syed Rafique Mahmud Indian Classical Flute Instrumental

Raga Eman - Modern Bangladeshi Style by Syed Rafique Mahmud

Syed Rafique Mahmud comes from a noble Muslim family in Bangla 13 Ashwin 1380(16 Ramadan) at Gaibandha district of Bangladesh. His father late Syed Abdul Baquee was a listed folk singer of Radio Rangpur and Rajshahi, He was a drama  writer  and actor also.

Rafique started to play flute (Bamboo Flute) during his childhood at 7 years old. His father bought a Bamboo flute from local BOISHAKHEE MELA according to his only demand. Hence he  starts to blow, and now a days he has built up his own style as 'Modern Bangladeshi style'.


Amirul uncle a villager is the first  teacher in his life on flute. During 14 years old he took lesson from Nizam uddin vai (A jatra flutist).1991 Rafique come to Narayanganj district (Near Dhaka) and he took lesson from a folk flutist Akhter Vai, In 1992 he took lesson from another two popular folk Flutist As Mr. Bazlur Rashid and Late Abdur Rashid (Commercial flutist)

In 1993 he got meeting a famous classical flutist and Ustad as Shamsul Haque, Ustad shamsul Haque is the disciple of Ustad Shukkur Ali .  Those are follower of 'Patiya Gharana'. Mr. Haque  served in all India radio and Bangladesh Radio a long time.Syed Rafique Mahmud took lessons from him more than 12 years.

Rafique took some  lesson and technical advise  on modern flute from latest commercial flutist Mr. Muniruzzaman (Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy ,Dhaka). He also took lessons on Tabla from ustad as Swapan Kundu  from Bogra district. He took lesson also from Mr. Darpan Kabir (Tabla artist of Narayanganj).

Syed Rafique Mahmud started his profession as flutist in 2000. Now he is working with audio recording industry and taking part all classical and commercial live program over Dhaka , Chittagong and others city of Bangladesh.

He has taken step to build up a 'flute institute and research center' in Bangladesh and  wants to dedicated for flute by building a lot of flutist in Bangladesh those are would be dedicated  for society.

Syed Rafique Mahmud  has taken lesson  North Indian Style on  Flute  but he has built his own new style as 'Modern Bangladeshi  style'. He is taking lesson on Clarionet  from Ustad Shamsul Haque also.

Rafique is an expert on flute making also, He writes song for mass people and he is a singer also. He has a good hand on poem and article writing, during  stay in Narayanganj he was engaged with 'Dhaboman Shahitya Andolan' and 'Progati shahitya Parishad'.

Syed Rafique Mahmud
Performing and Recording Artist
Cell +88-01913109748

Eng.Rafeul Islam (Ranjon)
Cell +88-01716670068

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