11:34 - the debut album of GTOWN DESI Scottish Urban Asian band release

Gtown Desi - Type Of Guy - vocals: Nikitta

GTOWN DESI - TYPE OF GUY - FULL AUDIO SONG PROMOMay 8, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Gtown Desi are a Scottish Urban Asian collective, fusing each member’s individual influences. Bhangra, Breakbeat, Bashment, D&B and R’n’B all feature strongly as the group aim to filter through Asian influenced music with a touch of Urban into their tracks.

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GTOWN DESI - 11:34 - Audio Music Album CD ReleaseType of Guy’ is the second single taken from Gtown Desi's debut album called '11:34'. It features vocals from Nikitta, former X-Factor finalist in Simon's '16-24' category, in. The R’n’B dance floor smash is a true representation of the group’s Urban influence with minimal hints of eastern elements. With a definitive hook and instantly relatable lyrics, the song is sure to be a hit for the summer and beyond.

Their first single ‘Peerh’, proved to be a winner amongst DJs and audiences, and was play listed on the BBC Asian Network, featured on Vic Galloway's BBC Introducing show, and was dropped by Friction and Nihal as well, even Zane Lowe has got in on the action playing 'Lok Tath' when battling Nihal on his vs. feature.

Reviews of the track and the fascinating album are scintillating. Nihal (Radio 1) said, "Some Proper Jump Bhangra! ... An Incredible Track". Zane Lowe (Radio 1) opined, "All sorts of influences put together brilliantly".

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