Bengali Movie Review - Tollywood Hero Jeet shines in New Kolkata Bangla Cinema WANTED (2010)

Wanted Bengali Movie 2010 Jeet ShrabontiMay 7, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) By Aditya Chakrabarty, WBRi Kolkata Correspondent: The reemergence of Jeet takes place in Tollywood with the action flick Wanted which has been made with the intention of placing him right at the top and this film does that.

It stars Jeet as a contract killer Raja, an orphan who enters the big bad world of crime as extreme circumstances force him to do so very early in life and he has no other option. One day He gets a contract to kill a politician who wants to get injured to get public sympathy, but someone actually kills him before Raja does and the blame in him. Raja flees and land in a train and is befriended by Shibu who tells him about himself and his family. The police see Raja and shoot Shibu instead.

Wanted (Bengali, 2010) Theatrical Trailer

Raja lands up at Shibu’s place and becomes Shibu and is soon accepted by all members of the family as Shibu. Salim Khan, the investigating officer gets to know Raja’s identity and comes to Shibu’s house and reveals the truth to the family members. Shibu admits his guilt after the officer goes away and it is only Shibu’s grandfather who has full faith in him. He gives Shibu his gun and asks him to go and complete his job. Shibu goes and kills Joy, the killer of politician Amarnath Ganguly and also his old accomplice. It is later revealed that another politician Subhankar Banerjee had paid Joy to kill Amarnath Ganguly as he wanted to become the Chief Minister himself.

This film is the most stylized action flick till date in Tollywood and it shows in every way. Since this film is all about Jeet, he shoots stabs, fights and practically everything else in the coolest way. He is cool, yet ruthless and very very dangerous. No one can catch him. To add to that you have good stunts, fast cars, foreign locales and also the right dialogues to just make this film a grand success. Srabanti who stars in both Wanted and Amanush, both big blockbusters will again have two hits to show against her name (though she practically had nothing to do in Wanted as it is  all-in-all Jeet film) and so every film of hers released till date will have been a super hit and that simply makes the reigning queen of Tollywood! Hm! Indrajit as Joy is excellent and gets the necessary looks of a killer absolutely right. The rest of the supporting cast especially Sharad Kapoor, as Salim Khan the investigating officer and a lecherous cop deserve special mention though cops are not supposed to dress like that or wear such caps (That is a different matter). Rajesh Roy who had turned music director in Tollywood with Pa-Ma-Ga –Re-Sa where he gave as such gems like Aaj Tumi Ke Aashile, completely changes his style for this film and it is extremely modern to suit the style of the film.

Music Director Rajesh Roy - Pa Ma Ga Re Sa, Wanted - Exclusive interview

The film is an extremely hyped and publicized film and that should see it through. This film has got freshness, style, panache, attitude and it should be a roaring success simply for the fact that Tollywood has not seen something like this before. This film is about Jeet, the ‘Man’ for the moment.

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