Bengali Movie Review | AMANUSH (2010) - A Sree Venkatesh film starring Sohan - Shrabanti Malakar - Rehan

Amanush Bengali Movie ReviewMay 5, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) As is known widely by now, Amanush is, at the very least, inspired from a Tamil movie called Kaadhal Kondein directed by Selvaraghavan and starring Dhanush and Sonia Agarwal.

The hero of AMANUSH, Soham has delivered a spectacular performance, and has seamlessly stepped into the character of Binod. As a young boy, Binod has a pretty unfortunate set of experiences, including child molestation and socio-economic environmental deficiencies portrayed with enough detail to make the audience wince. By the time Binod grows up, there is little wonder that he is socially challenged and perpetually haunted by a difficult childhood, and is also murderously violent at times.

Tollywood newcomer actor-model Rehan's depiction of the character of Adi is acceptable as a debut performance in a feature film. Of course, Rehan has his whole career ahead of him to mature into a complete character actor.

Binod, however, completely loves Ria (played by Srabanti Malakar), and is totally gentle and protective of her. Srabanti's performance is quite adequate.

Amanush is directed by Directed by Rajib Biswas and produced by Shrikant Mohta / Shree Venkatesh films.

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