Calcutta Writer Dibyendu Ghosal's books of fiction Night Of Ten and The Mitters of Kolkata

Dibyendu Ghoshal - The Night Of TenWriter Dibyendu Ghosal  has published quite a few pieces and poetry in net-zines and in print. Two of his books of ficiton - NIGHT OF TEN and THE MITTERS OF KOLKATA are on the stands in the USA, UK and in Europe, as well as available online (Click here to order online).

Night of Ten is a scintillating work of fiction which targets all those readers who are adult. The book focuses on purpose and repercussions of a New Jersey train accident. It is told from the perspective of the main character, Mr. Drayton Corvick, a person of Indian origin and Hungarian descent , who works in a German patent attorney firm. He gets a chance to investigate, out of the passion of his inquisitive mind, the cause of the train accident when he is instructed to deliver crucial documents to a client in New Jersey. His curiosity leads him to visit the wreckage site where he finds the bodies of policemen who were killed in mysterious situations. Along with his assistant, Alexandra, he delves much deeper into the mystery. From this foundation, the author constructs an intriguing tale of fiction.

The Mitters of Kolkata is a romantic suspense thriller involving the MITTER family household based in Kolkata, a city in eastern India. The author, who in his role as the protagonist Mr. Drayton Corvick, a person of Indian origin and of Hungarian descent and who after solving the Newark Bay Railway disaster in New York (as in the first book NIGHT OF TEN), visits the MITTER household to look for a rare material that has been kept by the family. The family comprises the head Dr. Mitter, his wife and their beautiful daughter, all of whom are of very mysterious characteristics. The young couple (the protagonist and the young daughter) develop a strong attraction towards each other but while generating hope to get hold of the material, she betrays the protagonist in a mysterious circumstance. But the undercurrent of the novel shows that the old British-era MITTER family is still maintaining the older values and characteristics in their lifestyles while interacting with Mr. Drayton Corvick even though the city has undergone vast changes in its name as well as demographically and in lifestyles and characteristics in this modern era. But above all, the author has maintained the tension and thrill from beginning of the novel to the end. And has been able to universalize the style of writing while limiting the story within a city.

The author, Dibyendu Ghosal, writes:

The plan of laying down the piece(s) on the lines of tacit opinion , instead of making this to square with the merely vocal formulae of society, is not altogether a wrong one, even when exemplified in so unequal and partial as the present . My writings carry excesses of an outlandish disregard for a medium's parameters. I shall just add that the piece(s) is sent out in all sincerety of purpose, as an attempt to give artistic form to the thoughts . After all, a work of art is an impression. For today's readers with limited reserves of time and patience, there is one unbeatable advantage my piece(s) offers. That 'little point' or that ' particular thing' is the main thing for which I have written my stories and novels most for. Is not there for every writer a particular thing of that sort, the thing that most makes him apply himself, the thing without the effort to achieve which the writer would not write at all, the very passion of his passion, the part of the business in which, the flame of art burns most intensely. The charm of the topic of each of my novels and fictions overflows into an emotion as lively as my own. There is an idea in my work without which I would not have given a straw for the whole job. It is the finest fullest intention of the lot, and the application of it has been a triumph of patience, of ingenuity. This little trick of mine plays over the surface of it. The order, the form, the texture of my writings will perhaps some day constitute for the initiated a complete representation of it. So it is naturally the thing for the critic to look for. And I have done everything to assist the critic with every stroke of my pen. We've got a heart in our body.....Is that an element of form or an element of feeling ? It is actually the organ of life....some idea about life.....some sort of philosophy. Literature is a game of skill, and skill means courage, and courage means honor, and honor means passion, means life. Being an unknown and unrecommended Author, I am giving my respected literary agents, publishers and editors full freedom to edit as per their wishes and thoughts and I hope that this piece of mine will be able to see the light of the day at the end of the dark tunnel with the help from their highly-esteemed publication . I hope that they will do everything to encourage a STRUGGLING STRANGER.

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