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Bárbara Mori

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In this exclusive, Uruguay-born actress Barbara Mori speaks in her classic latina accent in English about how Kites - an Indian commercial Bollywood Hindi movie - is the greatest release in her career. Barbara Mori lives in Mexico.

It is very likely Barbara Mori will be more popular in India than in Mexico due to Kites.

Barbara's other upcoming films include Walter Doehner's Viento en contra and Namrata Singh Gujral's 1 a Minute - a film on deaths by Breast Cancer along with Olivia Newton-John in the cast.

Directed by Anurag Basu, Kites stars Hrithik Roshan and Latin American actress Barbara Mori as the lead pair.

Others in the cast of Kites include Kangana Ranaut and Luce Rains. Kites is produced by Rakesh Roshan, with music by Rajesh Roshan. Kites is distributed by Reliance Big pictures.

The release date of Kites is May 21, 2010.

Watch the exclusive Interview of Barbara Mori online:

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