Bengali Movie - Isolation | A Sangbit Samaddar Film starring Ushnota Paul - Gaurav Chakraborty

Sangbit Samaddar Young Bengali Film MakerMay 1, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The film “ISOLATION” ( has been shot on a handy cam and is on the theme of hope. The film deals with a burning social issue of HIV-AIDS, with a message of hope to those who are suffering from the disease in real life. The story is about a youth who is suffering from the disease and has been isolated from the society.

The lead pair of the star cast of  ISOLATION consist of Gaurav Chakraborty, whose father is acclaimed Kolkata Bengali movie actor Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, with Ushnota Pal, the popular Bengali TV show actress.

The film premiered in August 2008 at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata. Many eminent personalities like Shidhu, member of acclaimed rock music band - Cactus, Dr. Gopa Dutta, president of the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, Mrs Jayati Solomon, principal of South Point High School, Dr Subir Hazra Chaudhuri, renowned psychologist of Calcutta National Medical College, and so on attended the premiere screening. The director of the film, Sangbit Samaddar welcomed the audience first before proceeding on to a discussion about the film. He was joined in the discussion by Angikaar Choudhury, the chief assistant director of the film, Sandipan Bhaumik, the director of photography, Ushnota Paul, the lead actress, Aneesh Basu and Siddhartha Basak, the music composers. The whole discussion was moderated by acclaimed doctor-film maker Dr. Tirthankar Guha Thakurta. Then the film was screened and after that a panel discussion took place on the issue of HIV-AIDS.

Sangbit Samaddar was the youngest film-maker in the 14th Kolkata International Film Festival, as a part of which ISOLATION was screened in Nandan. The film was also screened at the Kolkata International Short Film Festival 2008 organised by Chitrabani on at NANDAN 3 and Siddhartha Gautam Film Festival in 2009 at Gyan Manch.


GAURAV CHAKRABARTY, LEAD ACTOR: Being the son of legendary actor Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Gaurav is himself a very talented actor. He also played the role of topshe along with his father as feluda on stage. He has graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata on Mass Communication and Videography. He has also been an observer in Sandeep Ray’s “Tintoretor Jishu”. Also he has been the Asst. Director with Mr. Aveek Mukhopadhay and Sanjeet Chaudhuri in a few add films. He has also been an editor in various small projects and wishes to pursue a career in editing in future.

USHNOTA PAUL, LEAD ACTRESS: Ushnota Paul the lead actress in "ISOLATION" has been associated with several projects which include Rahasya Galpa in ETV BANGLA, Som Theke Soni in AKASH BANGLA and Sabujer Deshe in ETV BANGLA. This apart she has been an anchor in Limelight, which was telecasted in CTVN Plus. Recently she has been an observer in the film, Sob Charitra Kalpanik, which is directed by internationally acclaimed director Rituporno Ghosh.


SAYAN SIL: Sayan Sil, a graduate from NIFT, Salt Lake, Kolkata is associated with a well known registered theatre group named Nabankur. This is the first film of this talented actor.

BAIKALI SEN: Apart from being a housewife, Baikali is extremely passionate about acting. She was associated with theatre for a long time.

MOUSUMI CHOUDHURY: Apart from writing the screenplay, Mousumi choudhury has also played the role of Rahul’s mother in the film.







SANGBIT SAMADDAR. Director: Sangbit Samaddar, a school student, has been associated with theatre for a long time and has directed and acted in dramas. His deep affinity towards camera inspired him to pen down the concept of “ISOLATION”. This is his first project as a filmmaker.

ANGIKAR CHOUDHURY, Chief assistant director: A classmate of Sangbit, Angikar has also been associated with theatre. He is an ardent film lover and likes analyzing and watching films. This is the first project of Angikar, who cherishes deep love for camera.

MOUSUMI CHOUDHURY, Scriptwriter: Mousumi Choudhury has written the script and screen play of “ISOLATION” . She has been associated with numerous Bengali mega serials (Ek Akasher Nichey, Nana Ronger Dinguli, etc). Her recent projects are mega hit serials- Khela and Mohana.

SANDIPAN BHAUMIK, Group manager & director of photography: A photographer himself, Sandipan, a class mate of Sangbit and Angikar also likes to manage production side of a play. This apart he is also a good guitarist and an ardent music lover.

PRADYUMNA DUTTA, Assistant Group Manager: Apart from being a meritorious student, he has also assisted Sandipan as the assistant group manager.

ANEESH BASU & SIDDHARTHA BASAK, Music: Siddhartha and Aneesh, both college students have given the music of the film. Siddhartha has been learning keyboard for the last 10 years and Aneesh having a strong liking towards Hindustani Classical Music and Electronic/New-Age Music, and music making/producing is currently associated with these type of activities for the last year and a half. The two are also associated with theater.

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