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Maya Nagari has been formed in January 2015. There are four core members in the band.

Lead Vocal, lyricist & composer - Suman Chatterjee

Lead Guitar, lyricist, composer & founder- Subrata Acharya

Bass guitar- Subhodip bhattacharjee

Drummer- Sourav Saha




Our main objectives are to promote our band into the worldwide and to create the new genre of music with soulful compositions so that people could easily understand of its language.


 We are performing various places in all over India recent times. Our main identity is that we are a fusion band, that’s why our music is something different rather than the other bands. We generally do retro and modern number of songs with our own arrangements in a different way along with our self-compositions.

Most recently we have released our first own composed video song named “Kothay Amar Kolkata” on Youtube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Beatpals etc.


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