AMAZON ABHIJAN - DEV Looks for El Dorado in CHANDER PAHAR - 2 : New Bangla Movie First Look, Story, Plot Outline and Preview

By J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee, WBRINN (

Dev’s quest for El Dorado ushers in century for SVF

Tollywood Hero DEV (WBRi File Photo)
DEV (WBRi file photo)

Kolkata, May 31 - After the huge success of‘Chander Pahar’, director Kamaleswar Mukherjee and Tollywood superstar Dev are coming together for its sequel which has been titled as ‘Amazon Obhijaan’.

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Dev will be seen reprising the role of Shankar and this time his quest will be for the mythical El Dorado, the land of gold. Laden with natural difficulties, wild animals - anacondas, black caimans, jaguar, savage tribes and vicious gold digger, Shankar will travel thousands of miles and fight off every danger to reach El Dorado.

This sequel of ‘Chander Pahar’ will be shot extensively across Brazil, and underwater in two rivers, Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes.

According to reports the unit will set up a base camp at Manaus in Brazil, a popular entry point to the Amazon rain-forest, and will  shoot in the deep Amazon jungle. There will be extensive underwater shots which have never been seen before in any Bengali film.

Sources said a sequence of a ship wreck is going to be one of the gripping points of the film and it will test the swimming capabilities of the actors involved, especially of Dev, the protagonist of the movie. The actor will also shoot sequences with flesh-eating Piranhas that infest the waters of Amazon.

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Tollywood Hero DEV (WBRi File Photo)
DEV (WBRi file photo)

The movie will see Laboni Sarkar reprising the role of Shankar’s mother while an Italian actress will play Shankar’s friend who will accompany him in the adventure. Around 8-10 Brazilian actors are also going to be the part of the cast.

While ‘Chander Pahar‘ was based on the story by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay, the story and script of this sequel have been penned by the director himself. Some parts of the story will be shot at Bolpur and Mumbai before the unit flies off to Brazil.

This movie is also a huge land-mark for the production house Shree Venkatesh Films as this will be their hundredth film. After foraying into film production in 1996 with “Bhai Amar Bhai” starring Prosenjit Chatterjee, SVF has completed their  journey of two decades which has many landmark films being produced by them. ‘Saathi’, ‘Chokher Bali’, ‘Raincoat’, ‘Prem Amar’, ‘DuiPrithibi’, ‘Iti Mrinalini’, ‘Autograph’, ‘Baishe Srabon’, ‘Chander Pahar’, ‘Memories in March’, ‘Hemlock Society’, ‘Goynar Baksho’, ‘Chotoder Chobi’, ‘Apur Panchali’, ‘Har HarByomkesh’, ‘Rajkahini’ are to mention a few. Their milestone of  the hundredth production could not have come in a better form than the Chander Pahar 2: Amazon Obhijaan, the biggest movie ever being made in the history of the Bengali cinema.

‘Chander Pahar’ still holds the record for being the most expensive Bengali movie till date. It is being expected that the budget of the ‘Amazon Obhijaan’ will exceed the budget of the previous one. It is also being said that the movie will show many technical milestones in Bengali cinema.

It is still not revealed whether the script will allow Shankar to find El Dorado, the land of gold, but with such a huge canvas and technical highs, the aesthetics of the movie will surely attain golden heights.