Its Basanto trailer launch review

By J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee, WBRINN (

Ritabhari Chakrabarty and Mainak Banerjee in IT'S BOSONTO
Ritabhari Chakrabarty and Mainak Banerjee in IT'S BOSONTO

Kolkata, May 31 - Aditya Roy Banerjee’s directorial debut "It’s Boshonto" is all set to hit the theaters on 3rd June. As the report suggests, the movie is not about one love story but has numerous love stories amalgamated with each other. WBRi takes a look at the trailer of the movie to predict what the movie has in store for the audience.

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The Bengali film It's Bashonto trailer starts with the voice of Paran Bandyopadhyay describing to his onscreen grandson (Aditya) his unfulfilled love story. As Paran starts reminiscing the romantic moments with his ex- girlfriend Kalyani, the flashback appears in an old world cinema scope on a greyish screen. In the flash back it is revealed that Mainak plays the young Paran Bandyopadhyay while Ritabhari plays Kalyani, his love interest.  Mainak and Ritabhari are seen spending cosy moments with their breezy  bicycle ride  and loving each other. After a few glimpses of their romance, it is also revealed that their love affair was not approved by Kalyani’s family and she was married off to someone else.

The trailer then moves on to the present day happenings  in the life of Paran’s grandson. A lost phone plays the cupid between him and the pretty owner of the phone (Priyanka Sarkar). After a brief fight on the phone and over the lost phone, the trailer shows the two running around the trees, singing love songs and romancing amidst flowers. Amidst their romance an one  liner from Priyanka’s onscreen dad (Supriyo Datta) hints that history always has an uncanny tendency to repeat itself.

Then the trailer again focuses on Paran Bandyopadhyay who seems to have found the whereabouts of Kalyani who probably is facing domestic violence. Paran is also seen declaring that he can again turn into a hero despite his present age which hints that he is the actual hero of the film around whom the plot will revolve.

Things to expect from the film:

  1. Paran Bandyopadhyay at his best. It’s not every day that the legend plays a lead in a film. So one  should not miss this act of him.
  2. Love story of two generations. When two love stories where the couples are five or six decades apart from each other come together, one can easily compare and find the common elements that never die in a love affair and how it matures with time and greying hairs.
  3. Fantastic frames. The trailer has already shown that the film is quite good on aesthetics. The beautiful frames, especially during song sequences are sure to be a treat for eyes.
  4. Songs you will carry with you back home. The songs are one of the high points of the film. Directed by Adrta Jhinuk, the songs are melodious with soothing lyrics. Sung by singers like Rupam Islam, Rupankar Bagchi, Madhura and others, the songs are sure to touch the audience deep down their hearts and will be carried back with them for a long time. Carrying back songs in one’s heart is never a piracy, so no worries.

Things not to expect:

  1. Foreign locations. This movie will not need the Alps of Switzerland or the beaches of Pattya to make love bloom. Love exists everywhere and can be felt without spending a bomb on foreign tours, a wrong belief that has developed among filmmakers.
  2. Fight sequences where Earth loses its Gravity: The hero is a septuagenarian and will not bash goons. Thus even if he loses temper at points, the earth will never be stripped of its gravity. Expect only love to be in the air, not the plummeted goons.
  3. Intellectual overdose: The movie is all about love and no heavy ‘gyan’ will be distributed to make heads heavy. Other movies are doing enough of those and this movie intends to act as a relief.
  4. I am not watching its pretentious moments: This movie may be definitely a love story but devoid of steamy scenes where the son and dad pretend  to be not watching it. So this can definitely be watched by the entire family together.  

Watch the new Bangla movie It’s Basanto trailer.