Pujarini Ghosh, Ishaan Majumdar and Director Srijon Bardhan Promote POSTMASTER (2016) in Aban Mahal

By J P Mandal, WBRINN (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)

Pujarini Ghosh and Ishaan Majumder in Postmaster (2016) Bengali film
Pujarini Ghosh and Ishaan Majumder

Kolkata, India, May 21 - As the release of Srijon Bardhan’s debut Bengali feature film Postmaster is approaching, the cast and crew of the movie are leaving no stone unturned to promote the movie.

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Pujarini Ghosh and Ishaan majumdar, the lead cast of upcoming Bengali movie Postmaster along with director Srijon Bardhan recently promoted their film at the 21st anniversary of 'Ananda Dhara' , a highly reputed institution of performing arts.

Pujarini Ghosh, Srijan Bardhan and Ishaan Majumder
Pujarini Ghosh, Srijan Bardhan and Ishaan Majumder

The event which took place at At Children's Little Theatre (CLT) at Aban Mahal saw a number of performances and presentations dedicated to Rabindranath Tagore. The promotion of the movie Postmaster at the event was significant as the plot is adapted from the short story of same name by Tagore.

Ishaan Majumdar and Srijon Bardhan had been students of Children’s little theater and they evidently became nostalgic on stage while promoting the movie.

Srijan Bardhan
Srijan Bardhan

Director Srijon Bardhan said during the occasion, “Its an wonderful feelings to be back here at Aban Mahal. I am really proud of being an ex-student of Children’s Little theatre and I feel the platform has contributed a lot in my journey of becoming a filmmaker. I have chosen Postmaster by Rabindranath Tagore as my debut film. Hope you will all like the film.”

Pujarini looking gorgeous in a black saree was grabbed the eye ball of the audience present there. She along with Ishaan and Srijon were spotted posing happily for the shutterbugs.