PRIYA JAIN - Meet the Mrs. Jewel of India, Colorado - Participant at Jewel of India Pageant 2016

By Priya Jain
The author is winner of Mrs. Jewel of India, Colorado 2016 and participant at Jewel of India Pageant 2016


My belief, as my idol Mrs. Madhuri Dixit Nene said “I guess life offers you opportunities to live your dream. We just have to accept what comes our way and live those moments completely. You will not get time back again, so live every moment you get.”

And Here I am, at The Jewel of India, USA 2016, living one of the most cherished dreams of my life. Being a part of this pageant is a feeling of pride and achievement. This is so very exciting and fulfilling to me. And representing Colorful Colorado elevates my spirits as high as Mt. Elbert and enthusiasm as vast as the Rockies.


Born in Solapur, Maharashtra, India to a marwari business family. Ours is a close knit family of the 4 P’s. My upbringing was all about cultural heritage of Rajasthan and the greatness of Maharashtra. I inherit the break-free thinking from my dad and family virtues from my mother. My dad always defied the norms and worked things his own way. The mix of two of the strongest heritages in my life makes me strong individual that I am and has strengthened my attitude, personality and outlook towards the situations life has always presented to me.  And the combination of these attributes, enable me to be a successful Engineering professional, a mother to two wonderful kids Maanya and Arin and the  Dilwali biwi to my Dilliwaala husband Sumit. My husband has been my complete support system in everything I do. I’m blessed indeed and can’t thank God enough for all that the Almighty has showered upon me. I believe in the power of mind and the focused determination to accomplish anything one may desire. Probably, that’s why my husband thinks, I demonstrate true scorpion zodiac traits of being perfectionist and a strong willed woman. The flipside is, I am sometimes mistakenly understood for being too straight forward and outright honest. But, I think being honest takes you a long and correct way. I just “Keep calm and stay be yourself”.

Since my childhood, till today, and forever, I have this fascination about the glitterati, the expression of self through this form of art and creativity. The medium which brings dream feel real and give one a chance to live the dreams which may otherwise remain just an imagination deep within. I always imagined myself being a part of this industry and feel that craving, that urge, that passion and that competency and the zeal to give my 100%. Some women find cooking a stress buster, some get the eternal bliss shopping, for me it’s the fashionista in me that works to keep my morale boosted and my spirits high. I enjoy draping and presenting myself in different trends matching my mood, variety outfits and want to make a statement of my own and not follow the usual. I love to wear the most traditional outfits and equally likely the chic western wear. My friends call me “Ms Techie Fashionista”. If I have to pick a celebrated name whom I feel close to my thinking and aspirations, she is Sonam Kapoor. To me she is an absolute diva. I admire for the class and elite with which she adorn and embraces most unusual outfits. The grace with she carries herself is simply outstanding and are inspiring to me.


I proudly believe that a woman is the most beautiful and complete creation of the God. So beautiful that the very environment we exist in is called a mother nature and mother Earth. To save our mother Earth, I advocate, appeal and request everyone to please Go Green, reduce carbon footprints. I promote “Let’s Cut Carbs…Our Carbon footprint, that is.”  Climate change, deforestation, overgrazing, fisheries collapse, food insecurity and the rapid extinction of species are all part of a single, over-arching problem: Humanity is simply demanding more from the Earth than it can provide. By focusing on the single issue, we can address all of its symptoms, rather than solving one problem at the cost of another.

To me every girl, every woman is a Jewel, to herself, to her family, to the community and the society. We as women have come a long way in establishing and proving ourselves in more than being homemakers or mothers. And I feel the platform of Jewel Of India, is the celebration of being the special person every woman is. My  participation in Jewel of India, is an acknowledgement to myself of fulfilling a dream that I had since my childhood. It is an attestation that makes me proud to be competing as a woman with beauty and brains. This is my stint with the fashionista in me to relish the close encounter with how the reality can be. For my kindling desire to be a part of this industry, I have volunteered and participated in fashion related Indian community events from time to time as I could get the opportunity. My first public performance was at the Indian Wedding Festival organized by Bhar Art in Denver, Colorado.  I walked the ramp with professional models in the Indian ethnic wear fashion show. The experience was overwhelming and boosted my morale to pursue my fascination in fashion and modeling further and came across Jewel of India.


I started following Jewel of India event from past couple of years, and the popularity this event has gained is totally commendable. Kudos to the hard work put in by the team.  I aspire, wish and hope to bring home the title of Mrs. Jewel of India, USA to my state of Colorado. As they say, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”, and I believe this to be true. I understand that with the title comes a lot of responsibility. I am committed to work towards the community enrichment and spread Indian values in the youth. Colorado’s Indian community is fast growing, and I would like to spread the awareness, volunteer for Indian cultural learning. One such program, I am associated with is the Bal Mukund of Denver. This organization works towards inculcating Indian mythological learning in the kids. I also absolutely will be the brand ambassador to Jewel of India and will get more and more women to get involved. As I said, every woman is a Jewel in herself; I want them to step out of their daily routines. Work to express, and explore the talents and traits in them. My intent is making Jewel of India the team of more vibrant, gifted and talented folks across US.

I look forward to the support and appreciation of the Jewel of India team to make this happen.

Jewel of India USA is an organization established in July 2010. It is one of the most renowned and prestigious pageants in United States that annually selects representatives from all across USA to come together and compete for above mentioned titles in the beauty pageant. Title winners as well as runner ups are given tremendous recognition and opportunities all across the globe.

The director/CEO, Juhi Jagiasi is not only a physician but an entrepreneur, fashion designer, choreographer , judge , MC,TV producer and organizer of Fashion week who guides and motivates the title holders to take part in several events including top chart Fashion Shows, International pageants and TV shows

The criteria for contestants includes: Females between the ages of 19 to 29 to take part in the 'Miss contest and between ages 13 to 19 to take part in the 'Miss Teen' contest, never married and living in the USA. The pageant consists of five segments-Evening Gown Round, Ethnic/Indian Wear Round, Fitness wear, Talent and lastly a Question/Answer round .

For more information about the pageant please visit their website or reach them at, PH: 302-252-7024