WBRi exclusive interview: Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor along with co-star Anushka Sharma recently visited Kolkata to promote their film Bombay Velvet. During the promotion the very flamboyant Ranbir Kapoor talked to Washington Bangla Radio correspondent Jyoti Prakash Mandal about the movie, his character and more. Excerpts:

                                          Ranbir Kapoor at Bombay Velvet press meet in Kolkata

WBRi: You play a fighter in Bombay velvet said, a first in your career. How did you trained for the role?

Ranbir: I trained for three months for the role. I had a trainer from Africa. Since I have not done this kind of fighting any of my films before I trained mainly to to see that my form and postures looks correct on the screen. But the boxing I had to do is not needed to be very technically correct as the professional boxers. Rather it was more on the freestyle side.

WBRi: His there a change in the way you choose scripts over the years from ‘Sawariyaan’ to ‘Bombay Velvet’,?

Ranbir: I chose Swaraiyan because it was a Sanjay Leela Bansali film. He was my mentor and I had assisted him in Black. So I just said yes even before reading the script. But yes..over the years I have developed my own choices and my own outlook to life has also developed over the years. I have begin to think more about the kind of stories I want to get involved and what kind of directors I want to work with. I hope my choice goes upward always and never downwards. Bombay Velvet too was an upward choice. It has an interesting world and interesting characters. I am sure this movie will remain as the top choices I have ever made.

WBRi: How much similar the movie’s plot is to Gyan Parakash’s novel Mumbai Fables? Is it a line to line rip off from the novel?

Ranbir: No the plot line of Bombay Velvet is not a copycat of Mumbai fables. But its true that the world created in the movie has been inspired from the novel. Anurag and his batch of writers have researched over eight years to come out with this original story line. The story, the characters and the relationships portrayed in the movie are entirely original.

 WBRi: If you are given a chance to go back in the 1950’s, which actresses would you like to be casted opposite to you?

Ranbir: 1950’s was a golden era of Hindi movies. This era saw the batch of most beautiful actress in their prime. I would love to work with beauties like Nargis, Madhubala, Meena Kumari, Farida..the list is endless. I actually like to work with all of them. I wish I was that lucky to work with those legends.

WBRi: Did you take a cue from any of the actors of that period to get into skin of the character?

Ranbir: Whatever reference about the character I had was pretty individualistic and had to work on it on my own. But I took the look of Kishore Kumar with all his curly hair. That was an inspiration. I took only his superficial look not his way of acting.

WBRi : What made the makers of the film cancel the scheduled Kolkata leg of the film?

Ranbir: Yes initially we had planned to shoot at Kolkata, particularly the dockyards to recreate the Mumbai harbour of 50’s. but a review of budget  did not allow us to do that. The unit had a large set of actors and technicians and flying them all to Kolkata would have been a very costly move. So we decided to shoot those scenes in chrome and video graphics. But I personally would have loved to shoot here. I have wonderful experiences of shooting for Barfi in Kolkata. Then again my upcoming movie Tamasha with Deepika as my co-star will also feature Kolkata. I may have missed shooting in Kolkata for Bombay Velvet But I will be back here in August to shoot for Jagga Jassos”

Pics courtesy: Suparno Ghosh