WBRi excluisve interview: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is presently one of the busiest actresses in Bollywood. After creating ripples with string of extraordinary performances in movies like, Fashion, Krrish 3, Tanu weds Manu, Revolver Rani, Once upon a time in Mumbai, she has made it to the wish list of every director in the T-town. The versatile actress recently visited Kolkata to promote her latest film Tanu Weds Manu returns along with male lead R. Madhavan. On this occasion she engaged in a candid chat with Washington Bangla Radio correspondent Jyoti Prakash Mandal and spoke about the movie, future plans and more. Excerpts:

WBRi: After debuting in 2006 with Gangster, you are on the verge of completing a decade in the Film industry. How would you describe the journey?

Kangana: The journey has been very special to me. I come from the mountains and physically and metaphorically whatever distance I have covered has been quite a bit. I have come across many incidents over these years, both fortunate and unfortunate ones. But in one line I will call this journey very special. 

                                      Kangana Ranaut at Kolkata

WBRi: You are playing a double role in Tanu Weds Manu returns. How challenging it was?

Kangana: It was too difficult to play these two characters simultaneously and I had a lot of sweat while managing to get under their skin. I felt that if these two characters would have in two different movies I would have enjoyed more playing them. But these two characters are pitted against each other. One is protagonist and another is antagonist. Whatever I had to do about this character was juxtaposition. Another thing was that I could not use the body language that was given to Tanu in the previous movie. I could not even use the expression of her eyes. Everything was going out of Tanu. I could not use any nuances that was given to Tanu. So I had to discover an entire new person and act it out. Also the Haryanvi language I am dubbing in right now is a challenge for me to pronounce.

WBRi: How special was achieving the national award? Kangana: It was a great feeling to get the national award. It was a great feeling to receive the national award together along with the whole country’s talent. Appearing at that stage gave a far better feeling than any commercial show or award ceremony.

WBRi: Your choice of costume at the national awards was talk of the public for a while. What was your own thought about choosing the costume?

Kangana: I had been there at National awards before (Best Supporting actress for Fashion in the year 2008). I had worn an anarkali that time. Whenever I look back at that picture, I look like a ‘behenji’ being given ‘shagun’. This time I felt that I am a star and I have to look like a star. Why should I go like as if it’s my Wedding day. My friends told me you cant wear a Bibhu Mahapatra with a cape to the venue. I said I don’t care, I want a good picture. Before the main event there were rehearsals where I never show my cape. I left everyone shocked when I smuggled the cape into the venue. It was fun and I did get a good picture with the president this time.

WBRi: Are you aware of the fact that you are often topping the chart of being the most searched actress in Bollywood since Queen released? 

                                       Kanagana at a promotion event in Kolkata

Kangana: Really? Wow its really nice to know that. I have grown up hearing that this guy is most searched or that actor is most trending on internet. Now I am really excited to know I am joining them.

WBRi: It was often told about you that you speak very less to the media. But that seemed to have changed since Queen released. How did that happen? Kangana: I now feel that people are interested about me as they speak a lot about my fashion sense, my movie projects, my box office successes and failures. Now I am liking to let people know about me.

WBRi: You are doing so many different kind of roles and you merge yourself so much into the skin of those characters. Do you carry those characters within you after you have finished enacting them?

Kangana: Yes I often has hangover of the characters that I play. One really need to be aware of one’s reality. Otherwise you can get carried away with them, their body languages and sometimes even with their accents. Even that happened to me after I had done away with Queen. As I had lived a long period of time with that character, I started to identify myself with that character. Also that happened to after I did a character where it dies. After doing that death scene I have become very sensible to death. No whenever I hear of deaths like air crash, violence and accidents I cry all night long and then I had to put a huge effort to fix myself.

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