Robi Pronam-Gargi Ray


Gargi Ray was an active participant in school's cultural activities.She didn't take any formal education in recitation when she was young.As a child she saw her father reciting Tagore's poems and he eventually became her guru in elocution.
Gargi got married early and so she was out of this enriched world for some years.But her passion again brought her back after her son grew up.She started taking fomal lessons from renowned elocutionists in Kolkata, like Kajol Sur,Partha Ghosh, Jagannath Basu.She participates in workshops as well to brighten up her skill.
Nowadays she performs in famous stages of Kolkata as emcee, recitation artist and audio drama.She was involved with group theater too as some point of time.She has presented selected portions of Tagore's writings and poems :

ChinnoPotro-Nirbachito Angsho:


Protikkha :