Dj Anatasia creates a ripple at Plush in Kolkata

Kolkata 26, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio): A Ladies Night at Plush, one of the most happening Night Clubs of Kolkata got a fantastic night recently as Dj Anatasia, one of the most vibrant and energetic lady DJs in the International Party circuit, took the charge of the console and churned out some extraordinary cocktails of music.

Dj Anatasia in a chat with Washington Bangla Radio, revealed that she is from Japanese- British Background with an Indian connection in her ancestry. Music had been her passion from childhood. She started playing Music as an amateur but soon realised that nothing apart from Music can be her profession and thus she decided to turn herself into a fulltime DJ. She came to India three years back and under the mentorship of her partner DJ Whosane and augmented by her passion for music, she flourished as a professional DJ and soon became known internationally.

Rahul Vohra,French award


Pr Supreeta Singh ,Dj Anatasia,plush

                                     Pr Supreeta Singh and Dj Anatasia.

Pr Supreeta Singh ,Dj Anatasia,plush,Revellers

                                     Revellers at plush.

Plush,Dj Anatasia

Plush,Dj Anatasia

Plush,Dj Anatasia

The Ladies Night at Plush saw almost a full house as Dj Anatasia produced some brilliant composition which made the crowd crazy as they hurried to the dance floor to make the most out of it. Anatasia with her utmost energy and fantastic musical tracks never let a dull moment to intrude in the party. Anatasia seemed to have spread a pulsating aura among the crowd and the movers and shakers on the dance floor reflected that at the best way. Even those who were too lethargic or hesitant to get into the dance floor could not help swaying,clapping and tapping their feet. There was absolutely no escape from Anatasia’s spell of music.

As the night at Plush submitted to the ‘Anatasia effect’, the very hot DJ recollected her previous gig at the venue. “I was here at Plush around nine months back and that time too it was a full house. I have always loved the people at Plush. They are always hungry for good music and the enthusiasm they provide a DJ is incomparable. Kolkata comes closer to my heart every time I arrive here.”, she said.