When Thursday night is Jazz night for Music lovers

Kolkata, May 17,2014 (Washington Bangla Radio:) Jazz, one of the most popular form of music around the globe, is being celebrated In Kolkata every week. In fact, a night every week has been dedicated to Jazz music by Plush lounge bar of Astor Hotel.

The Thursdays in the mid-weeks of the scorching May seemed to be one of the better days to quench thirst at Plush as dropping in for the jazz nights there quenches both the thirst of liquor and music.

May mid weeks witnessed a rare combination of French Electro Jazz artist Sig, Bumpy Mainak Nag Chowdhury on Bass and Gourab Chatterjee on drums as they played some real classy jazz followed by what seemed some eclectic Avante grade Jazz.




Sig who had come down to Kolkata from all the way to Sweden told WBRi, “It is wonderful to perform at Kolkata, a city which has a great taste for good music. The people of this city understand the language of music well and so it is always a musician’s delight to perform here.”

Before the hangover of the threesome combination got over, the quartet of Aniruddh Saha, Paddy, Srinjay Banerjee and William Walter took the audience into another voyage of Jazz music, this time of a different genre. A synthesizer, though not much a part of traditional Jazz, was added to enhance the Jazz’s modern appeal. True is the line, Music alike every other art form is bound to break the boundaries of time, Nation, religion and also self-forms.

The following week Bumpy and Gourab returned to Plush’s Jazz night with a different combination to present a completely different flavour of Jazz. This time it was the entire Kendraka Band gearing up for some fusion genres of Jazz and this fusion arguably had the element of rock music. The song ‘Fire on the mountain top’ were pitched in a loud manner which took the audience into frenzy. The words were pronunced with definite growls, a very common feature of hard rocks but amazingly that blended with the Jazz music to be an intregal part of it. Surely fusion at its best.