Kobi Pronam-A tribute to great poet Rabindranath Thakur

Recitation by Manimala Chakraborty


Experiencing decades long trail of life; began from some green picturesque pieces of countryside on the lap of Ganga at Murshidabad, West Bengal; towards cosmopolitan Calcutta; Manimala Chakraborty, ever mesmerized with magical rhythm of waves of river in ages. Always smiley faces around; in simplest way of life at native place, if anything that could have enlighten her inner-soul was the spontaneous flow of altruism in rural soiety, even who can only suffice with a square of meals in a day in peasant Bengal that can erase conflicts, greediness, distrust from every life. Being a member of orthodox Bengali brahmin family, initially as a daughter and later by virtue as a housewife; Manimala could have been satisfied with domestic chores; meanwhile as her childhood pals have been accustomed with. She could not stop there and continued extensive journey in search of truth of life; that not mere restricted herself only into class-room based theories and allegories; as she was taught during her Master’s in Philoshophy at Rabindra Bharati Vishwavidyalay. Manimala, ultimately de-limited herself and found her sacred places in in the universe of poetry. Although, it was quite late for new initiatives, however she sincerely started molding herself in the art of recitation under caring nurture of Smt. Madhumita Bosu and Shri Partha Mukherjee. 

Simultaneously, Manimala put her feet in the arena of professional anchoring of talk-shows under auspices of Door Darshan, Kolkata; Yuva Bani, Kolkata and in few F.M. Radio channels, regularly. Now-a-days, Manimala is a known face to the audiences for compeering various cultural events, that organized by the Ministry of Culture & Information, Govt. of West Bengal. Few more feathers on her cap added through some live performances in “Shesher Kabita”; “Kamal Pasha”; “Karna-Kunti Sambad”; “Chitrangada” etc. with some notable performing artists of West Bengal. Manimala is now being in You-Tube based solo performances.

Manimala Chakraborty, meaning of her name in Bengali; literally denotes necklace of gem-stones. Truly it’s the poetic justice to the poetical art; while Manimala recites, rhetoric appears with immense visual effects to the audiences with her unique peach; modulation; dramatic expression; touchy presentation and moreover her magical voice, those together takes away the listeners to some fairy-land; where metaphor of life truly glitters like Manimala- necklace of gem-stones around her presentation.

Listen to Manimala's recitation of Kobiguru's poetry :