“I can never forget the way Tanushree shouted when I scared her”: Aryann Bhowmick (WBRi exlcusive interview)

Aryann Bhowmick, nowadays known to movielovers as ‘Shontu’ for his iconic role in the movie adaption of Kakababu series, had his latest film ‘Window Connection’ released (his first film as the lead adult protagonist)on 9th May 2014. The young actor in a candid chat with WBRi correspondent JyotiPrakash Mandal talked about his character in the film, his real life window connections, how he scared Tanushree in the sets and his off-screen chemistry withTollywood superstarProsenjitChatterjee.

WBRi: Tell our readers about your on screen character they are going to watch in ‘Window Connections’

Aryann: I play the character of Rahul who has been neglected by his parents since a very tender age. The ignorance from his working parents turns him into an isolated person. He also develops extreme hatred for women, no matter whoever she is. This deprived and isolated guy creates a surreal world of his own which is very dark. Suddenly his eyes fall on Sohini (Tanushree), a girl from his neighbourhood. Though she is much older than him, Rahul starts developing a feeling for her. Sohini becomes a ray of light in his dark world.

WBRi: The poster hints it to be love story. But what the audience has in store for them?

Aryann: Window Connection is not a merry and sweet love story. There are elements of love, emotions and passions but there are also many dark shades in the characters. There are many twists and turns which will keep the audience glued to their seats.

WBRi: What similarities or difference with your on-screen character do you have in our own life?

Aryann: I absolutely have no similarities with Rahul. Rahul is isolated and ignored by his parents while I have been showered with love by my parents. I never made such a dark surreal world around me and I am quite a social person. Rahul and Aryann are poles apart in their characters. That is one of the prime reasons I found the role very challenging.

WBRi:Have you ever fallen for a woman older than you?

Aryann: (with a laugh) No, I have not. That is another difference with Rahul.

WBRi: Please share with us a real life Window Connection that you remember most.

Aryann: During my childhood I had a friend named Suvodip who used to live just next to our house. Our friendship started via a window. We used to talk to each other through our windows and became good friends. As we were too young to go out, our conversation was mostly restricted through our windows only. But I have a lot of good memories with that friend. That is the most memorable window connection I ever had in my real life.

WBRi:Share some memorable moments from the shooting days of Window Connection.

Aryann: I had to live in my character round the clock and there was not much opportunity to have fun and banter. But the most memorable moment for me during the shoot is indeed a funny incident which I thoroughly enjoyed. There is a sequence for which a dummy scorpion was needed. I took that dummy scorpion and took it straight to Tanushree while she was taking the makeover. She was aware of the sequence but I caught her in such a rush that she was not ready to make out whether the scorpion was real or not. She let out a loud cry, so much loud that the entire NT 1 studio got shaken. Every unit member rushed to see what happened. I can never forget the wayTanushree shouted when I scared her.

window connection

window connection

window connection

WBRi:Tell our readers the reasons for which they should not miss Window Connection

Aryann: No other Bengali film has delved so much deep into such an Issue. All the actors and technicians have delivered superbly and the execution of the film has been superb. The unexpected turnings of the film will be liked by the audience. I am proud to be a part of this film and can proudly say that we together as team have delivered a film that the audience is bound to like.

WBRi: How are you looking forward to the big budget movie Force? Tell us about your role in the film.

Aryann: It is always a pleasure to work with Bumba da. I have a very brief role in the film. I play a Marathon Racer in Force.

WBRi: You are being casted again and again with Prosenjit and quite clearly the on-screen chemistry between yourself and Prosenjit is getting better every day. But tell us what kind of chemistry you share with him behind the camera.

Aryann: I respect Bumba da a lot. I feel very lucky that I got to act with him from such early days of my career. There is a good bonding between him and me and he guides me a lot. I have learnt many things from him and surely will continue to do so.

WBRi: So is he a mentor to you now?

Aryann: Yes you can tell that. Whenever I have a problem or need some guidance about acting Bumba da is the first person I approach for help and he always helps me out.

WBRi: How would you describe your journey from ‘NeelRajarDeshe’ to ‘Window Connection’?

Aryann: I was very young when ‘Neel RajarDeshe’ happened but undoubtedly it gave got me into limelight. But ‘ChaloPaltai’ was a real turning point for me. If ‘ChaloPaltai’ had not came to my way, perhaps ‘MishwarRohoshyo’ and ‘Window Connection’ would not have had happen for me. Whatever or however all these happened has happened for good and I enjoyed every moment. It has been been a really excellent journey till date and also a huge learning period for me. But still I am at a very early stage of my career and I believe there is much more to come. I am looking forward to take new challenges and imbibe new skills.

WBRl: How would you like to see yourself after five years?

Aryann: After five years I would like to see myself in the place where the actors I admire today is currently at. Then after that I would aim the place where they will be after five years from today and so on. I want to prove myself as a versatile actor.