Film Baba Ramsaa Peer to releases on May 30th

Mumbai, May 7th 2014, (Washington Bangla Radio): The film Baba Ramsaa Peer which is to release in May 5, 2014 is a historical epic film based on a renowned saint of Rajasthan Baba Ramsaa Peer. Aushim Khetarpal, who had produced Presidential award winning film “Shirdi Sai Baba”, is the producer of this film. Aushim plays dual role of that of a producer as well as an actor in the film. He will be seen portraying the central character of Baba Ramsaa Peer alongside Actress Gracy Singh.

Baba Ramsaa Peer was a 14th century saint who was the first to spread the message of Hindu-Muslim unity. Hindus lovingly called him Baba and Muslims called him Peer, he was respected by both the sects. Baba was christened with this name by five Persian peers who had visited India in that era. Based on the story of this divine soul is the film “Baba Ramsaa peer” which is produced under the banner of Satish Tondon Production and Orient Tradelink Ltd.

Baba Ramsaa Peer

The film has been shot in Mumbai, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Roncha village where Baba rests in his Samadhi. Rajasthani and Hindi are prominently used in the film. The music has a mix of folk music which is significantly in Gujarati,Rajasthani and Hindi which is likely to touch the audience soul.