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By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN
Pictures Courtesy of Neel B. Mitra

Wallpaper Poster of Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla New Movie GOENDA GOGOL

Kolkata, May 28 (Washington Bangla Radio): Director Arindam Dey’s cinematic adaption of Samaresh Basu’s series on teenage detective Gogol turns out to be a decent treat for the audience, especially for children. ‘Goenda Gogol’ is one of the most prominent non-adult sleuths in Bengali literature with immense popularity. Unlike in the series ‘Pancha Pandav’ we find this boy operating alone mostly with no permanent teammate. The character was created in the early 70’s when Cell phones or Tablets were unknown in India. The ambiance of the story has been reset by the director to fit the present day but still those who have read the original series can easily accept the newly wrapped big screen version.

Wallpaper Poster of Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla New Movie GOENDA GOGOL

We are introduced to Gogol as he wakes up from a daydream but not before smashing a flower vase with his karate kick, probably attempted on a foe in his daydream. Thus the director makes us acquainted with one of the main characteristics of the bespectacled protagonist in the very first shot.

A few reels later Gogol heads to Puri with his parents (Shaheb Chatterjee and Rachna Banerjee) for a family trip. But the trip does not turn out to be a smooth one from the moment they board the train from Howrah station.

Gogol and his family come to meet a mysterious man named Kumud Patnaik who seems confused and shaken. Later it turns out that he has occupied the wrong seat. They also meet a couple (Sumit Samaddar and Ankita) who share the same couch with Gogol’s family.

A few incidents take place in the train. Once power gets disrupted mysteriously and Kumud appears again. This time Ashoke, a tattooed young guy (Indraneil Sengupta) appears and fixes the problem.

Gogol’s bag in which he carries almost his entire world, often gets targeted by someone or other. At last when they reach their destination of Puri, the bag gets snatched by a rogue but surprisingly Kumud brings it back to Gogol.

When everyone is enjoying the waves and seafood at Puri, Gogol is more interested in a haunted house which was in the news. He enters the house alone only to find out a spooky person named Neil who takes Gogol back home. He later introduces himself as Proffeser Neil who researches paranormal activities. But Gogol’s curiosity again drags him to the house. This time he follows a woman to the house. Later Gogol finds her lying unconscious in the house. But when Gogol returns a few minutes later to the spot with Professor Neil there was no sign of her. This time Neil gets furious with Gogol for coming back to the house and so are Gogol’s parents. But later when Gogol does the same, he along with his friend Mili gets kidnapped. It is also revealed that there is much more about the Professor than what meets the eye, just as Gogol was warned by Ashoke previously at Udaygiri caves. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

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Abhijit who plays the role of the young protagonist Gogol is quite impressive compared to his age. Payel - the other young artiste - also supports him well. Full credit goes to the director and his team who handled two child artists so well.

Indraneil as the undercover cop is a stunner in the film. His flamboyant look in the film is one of the high factors. Gogol’s look in the film also deserves appreciation. Shaheb Chatterjee and Rachana Banerji as his parents fit the bill well. But the actor who has risen above all is Devdut who plays different negative shades. Shamik Sinha too pulled off the role of a confused sidekick of the antagonist. Sumit Samaddar as the dumb businessman plays his part well and lives up to expectation as the comic relief of the film. Ankita is okay in the insignificant role she plays.

The sound effects of the film are good but at times the voices do not seems to match to lip movement of the characters. Also a few visual effects look crappy. Otherwise it’s a good movie to be enjoyed with young members of the family.