E Juger Bhalobasha: Bangla Movie Story, Review, Wallpaper and Trailer at WBRi

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Poster Wallpaper: E Juger Bhalobasha

Kolkata, May 22 (Washington Bangla Radio): Even in today’s society, love takes a backseat in marriage with other factors like caste, creed and economic status getting prominence. This is the thought behind the Indian Bangla movie “E Juger Bhalobasha”. 

Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Poster Wallpaper: E Juger Bhalobasha

In the story of the Tollywood movie, Sudipto Singho Ray is a rich businessman. His only son Arnab goes about traveling and spending his time in a leisurely mode. He refuses to take the responsibilities of business and wants more time. It is during such a tour at a sea beach that he saves a group of girls from a gang of eve teasers.

Chaitali, one of the girls that he saves is incidentally the daughter of Dinabandhu who is the business partner of Sudipto Singho Ray. When he comes to know that Arnab and Chaitali know each other, he tries to ‘influence Arnab’s father and get his daughter married to him.

Chaitali’s brother Raja who runs a bar-cum-hotel works for a don named Godfather. Godfather requires new girls who are like “new medicines” for him. Raja arranges a bar dancer, Monalisa for Godfather. However the girl refuses to give in to the wishes of Godfather and runs away. Arnab saves her and after listening to her story falls in love instantly and marries her.

His father does not accept them and they leave the house. Arnab gets a job but he regularly reaches office late and loses the job. What happens next forms the rest of the film. Does Arnab’s father accept him and his wife? Does the Godfather find Monalisa? Is Dinabandhu successful in taking away the property of Sudipto Singho Ray?

The director has tried to give twists and turns in the story to make it interesting. However what happens as a result of so many stories running parallel to each other is the audience gets puzzled. There are many flaws in the story which makes the film weak. 

Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Poster Wallpaper: E Juger Bhalobasha

The dialogues in the film are cheesy and they are a pain for the ears. Sample this - “chocolate chorale baccha mele, taka chorale sundori mele”. This is one of the innumerable cheesy dialogues that are found in the film. Raja, Chaitali’s brother has one stock dialogue in the film “How nice! Just a minute.” He says the words so often that after a certain period of time he is simply irritating to hear.

The songs in the film are passable and not worth remembering once you go away from the hall. The song “Just Change” is a poor copy of the song “Just chill” from the film Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya. Chupi chupi, nesha nesha, pathe pathe ghuri are some of the other songs in the film. 

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The action sequences by Khokon Saha look amateurish and lack the drama that would have made them fit the film.

Dipankar De who plays the role of Godfather looks hideous in the white wig that he flaunts in the film. He does not act, he overacts. The name Godfather should not have been given to him as he failed to inspire any terror in the minds of the audience.

Mainak Banerjee as Arnab has screen presence and with a little bit of help will do well in future. He is good in lighter moments but is a bit over the top in the serious scenes.

Sayani as Monalisa is good as the damsel in distress.

Watch the new Kolkata Bangla movie only if you must.