HERO Kartik Tiwari plays a clapper boy on the sets of Subhash Ghai's 'Kaanchi'

Kartik Tiwari, Subhash Ghai and Mishti shooting for Kaanchi (Hindi, 2013)Mumbai, May 22 (Washington Bangla Radio): Subhash Ghai is highly impressed bu his Hero of Kaanchi Kartik Tiwari, not because he is the Hero of the film but because Kartik is humble and dedicated to his career too deeply.

"He is not wasting his any day on frivolous things but on his growth... In all his extra hours he is an Asst. Director as the clapper boy on the sets, watching everyone's performance and learning a lot from me and everyone else.

He goes to special acting classes in Whistling Woods when he is not shooting. Kartik Tiwari is a great star material and a great learner! I am proud of him" said Subhash Ghai on the sets of Kaanchi.

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