Leading Indian Fashion Designers Reveal Latest Trends

Madhuri Dixit

Mumbai, May 19 (Washington Bangla Radio): Madhuri Dixit who has ruled the hearts of her fans, has always loved connecting with them through her films, dance and various digital platforms.

After the launch of her website, mobile apps and her online dance academy - ‘Dance with Madhuri’, the official website will now offer a new featured column for her fans & fashionistas where top fashion designers will share their trend mantras and provide an insider’s view of the fashion industry.

The column has been kick started by the very fashionable Varun Bahl who shares the influence behind his work with flair. Madhuri Dixit has worn Varun's designs on various occasions and has always loved his creations.

In the featured column, Varun Bahl provides an insight into the trends that inspired and ruled every decade right from the “flapper” 20s to the “frilly” 50s and the “psychedelic” 70s. He explains why the current decade is one of its kind and trumps every other decade in terms of “focused” trends in fashion.

Madhuri DixitMadhuri Dixit

Fans can watch out for regular contributions by the leading fashion names in the industry in addition to the daily dose of information on her Films, Dance, Beauty and Lifestyle on the website. With the introduction of the new feature, her fans can be updated with what’s fashionable from the desk of top industry designers.

Madhuri Dixit

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