SPACE: World Class Urban Music by Two Girls from Kolkata

SPACE Band New Delhi

In the winter of 2008, one evening Tritha Sinha, a classically trained singer along with her friend, Ritika Singh, a theater actress and musician decided to make music very simply in their living room in Kolkata.

Presently, a French musician and multi-percussionist, Paul Schneiter has joined these eclectic and creative Indian women musicians and now seems to be the metronome of the band.

Using unassuming objects like a Tibetan prayer bowl, a ghungroo (used by Indian Kathak dancers on their feet) and many other street percussive objects, these young women musicians created a two voice harmonic sound.

Instruments like nagaras, flutes, African percussion, guitar and computer generated electronic sounds then were brilliantly featured and a constant flow of new sounds and fresh stories in the form of songs filled up the feeling of SPACE.

Space plays a subtle mix of ambient and electro-fusion folk and pop, in 7 languages. They sing several songs in english, hindi, bengali, sanskrit, tamil, punjabi and an imaginary tribal language.

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