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Part 2 of 2

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WBRI Shukti International Artists Group presents a Bengali radio drama adaptation of Utpal Dutta's 1961 psychological thriller feature film Megh.

Listen to the first of two parts of the radio drama. As you know, WBRi SHUKTI ANTORJATIK SHILPI GOSHTHI (WBRI Shukti International Artists Group)  is a pioneer in producing this series of audio dramas featuring a cast and crew spread across the entire world collaborating over telephone and electronic communication technologies.

All WBRi Shukti productions are available free online in our exclusive Bangla Natok section.


Megh Part 2

From the first part of this radio play, we came to know, that eminent writer Samaresh Sanyal, who suddenly developed a mental illness, has started writing cheap murder mysteries, only for financial gain, instead of his usual, thought provoking creations.

Madhuri Sanyal, a modern, educated lady, his ardent fan, later on his loving wife, takes the responsibility of the household and at the same time love and taking care of her ailing husband, works in the local school, as a teacher.

Sujata, his girl friend since college days, who broke up with him due to his lack of financial acumen, suddenly showed up, with the intention of emotional blackmail.

Samaresh did'nt want her to ruin his marriage by exposing the lewd letters, he once wrote regarding their physical relationship, as she threatened.

In an impulsive act, he killed her. He desperately tries to cover up his act as he encounters the local police officer, who came to interrogate him, and the neighbourhood hooligan, who saw Sujata entering his house.

What happens next ? Will Samaresh be able to outwit the law ?

For all your answers, listen to MEGH, our 2nd and concluding part.

Cast & Crew

  • Samaresh Sanyal : Tirthankar Mahalanobis
  • Madhuri Sanyal : Aditi Gupta
  • Sujata Sen : Suchismita Bagchi Sen
  • Tarapada : Dipankar Gangopadhyay
  • Pranab : Arijit Chakraborty
  • Jatin Nandi : Jayanta Mukhopadhyay
  • Daktar : Shubho Basu
  • Direction : Arnab Roy Choudhury
  • Asst. direction : Arijit Chakraborty
  • Music Assistance : Indrajit Sen
  • Performed by : WBRi Shukti Antorjatik Shilpi Goshthi
  • Produced by : Washington Bangla Radio - drama section