Atanu Ghosh's Rupkatha Noy (Not a Fairy Tale) All Set to Dazzle Bengali Film Lovers (Bangla Movie Preview)

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

Rupkatha Noye Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Poster Wallpaper

Kolkata, May 14 (Washington Bangla Radio): Director Atanu Ghosh, who is known for his numerous telefilms and highly acclaimed feature films like ‘Angshumanner Chobi’ (2009) and Tokhon Teish (2010)’  is getting ready to release his next project titled ‘Rupkatha Noy’. The film deals with the different attitudes of five young people to their lives.

The large ensemble cast of the film includes Gaurav Chakrabarty, Sohini Sarkar, Kousik Sen, Nina Chakravarty, Radhika Apte, Rahul, Arindam Sil and Soumitra Chatterjee who all play very realistic characters in the film.

Gaurav Chakrabrty will be playing the role of Prasit and Sohini Sarkar will be seen as Ahana. The two young actors will be seen as a married couple in the film. Ahana often runs away from her husband’s house which is quite a headache for her hubby Prasit and he is desperately trying to solve this conundrum.

Radhika Apte will be seen as Sananda who has a horrible past and that past is taking her present and future into perilous ways. She is seeking vengeance for the wrongful deed done to her. Kausik Sen plays her love interest.

Rahul has played numerous deglamourized characters in the past, and in this film he is going to get in the skin of another interesting individual named Biswanath. He will be seen as a roadside typist who earns his living by typing out copies. Biswanath represents struggling freelance typists who depend on typewriters and are having a hard time with the rise of computer printers.

Nina Chakrabarty will be seen portraying a petrol pump employee named Rina. Rina and Biswajit bumped onto each other by chance and a series of unforeseen events follow. Nina’s life takes a major turn one night.

Rupkatha Noye Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Poster Wallpaper

All of these people have one common link. All of them are in touch with a seventy-two year old man who played by Soumitra Chatterjee. The man who has seen many ups and downs in life plays an important role in building up of the plot. His character has been described by the filmmaker as “A 72-year-old man, detached from his own kin, reaches out to an extended family by lending ears to people sitting on a park bench. And he touches upon their minds trying to change their thoughts,and in turn, their lives.”

Arindam Sil, Indraneil Sengupta, Bhaskar Banerjee and Anindya Banerjee will also be seen in important roles.

The film is produced by Probal Halder and Firadaul Hussain. Gopi Bhagat is the director of photography and Sujoy Datta Roy is in charge of editing. The wardrobe has been designed by Sulagna Chowdhury. She will be complemented by Aniruddh Chakladar who is on board as the stylist.

Suchandra Chowdhury has penned the lyrics for the film and Anup Mukherjee will take care of the sound department. Joy Sarkar is the music director of the film.

The sparkling intelligent young director, an unorthodox theme and a good combination of young and the experienced in both the cast and crew credits will surely make the film a successful venture.

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