Detective Arjun Arrives on Screen with Kalimpong-e Sitahoron: Bangla Movie Premiere in Kolkata

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Arjun Kalingpongey Sitahoron Indian Tollywood Kolkata Bangla Movie

Kolkata, May 13 (Washington Bangla Radio): The premiere of director Prem Modi’s debut Kolkata Bangla movie ‘Arjun: Kalimpongey Sitahoron’ was a grand affair as people rushed in flocks to catch on big screen the popular sleuth created by celebrated author Samaresh Majumdar. The cast and crew including Sabyasachi Chakrabarti, Om, Raya, Dipankar De along with director Prem Modi  gathered at the event making it starrier.

Debutant Om plays the iconic character of crime mystery detective Arjun and surely he could not have a better debut. Sporting a stylish yet sober outfit comprising of a White crushed shirt and blue denims, Om was seen giving bytes to media. Though he looked happy and excited, a bit of nervousness was quite apparent on his face. May be handling high expectations right from debut is the reason. When WBRi asked him about his feelings on making such a debut, he said, “I am lucky to get such a break. Arjun is a very popular character. Hope I can portray the iconic sleuth according to expectations.”

Om also said that he is going to play ‘Arjun’ for all the films in the series and will soon get busy to shoot for the next installment of the franchisee. Om also mentioned that though he has not read all the novels in the Arjun series, he intends to do it as soon as possible to get into the skin of the character in a better way.

Apart from the role, Om also feels lucky about the timing of his debut. According to him there could not be a better time than this week which marks the 100 years of Indian cinema.

Sabyasachi Chakrabarty who is known for his portrayal of the character of Satyajit Ray created sleuth ‘Felu da’ plays the role of Amol Som who is the mentor of Arjun. He is having back to back releases(The other being Asish Roy directed ‘Lattoo’ where he plays the role of a stern police officer) and seems to be quite happy about it. When centenary year of Indian Cinema is being celebrated all over the nation, Benu da is having two releases back to back and no other lead actors is not fortunate enough to boast of that.

Benuda told WBRi, “It is a very good omen for me to have two consecutive releases during this auspicious moment of Indian Cinema. I hope that both the film achieve success.”

On being asked that on which film he has more expectations, he said that definitely Arjun has an edge because of the popularity of the novels among the readers. While WBRi requested him to convey a message to the audience on the occasion of 100 years, he said, “The Movie Industry thrives due to the support of audience. So I would appeal to the audience to come to theatre halls and watch good movies and appreciate the hard work involved.”