Kagojer Nouka Bangla Movie Review

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Partha Sarathi Joarder
Partha Sarathi Joarder

Kolkata, May 13 (Washington Bangla Radio): Chit fund scams have become one of the most talked about topics in recent few weeks in the city of Kolkata. Kagojer Nouko which released this week deals with this issue of chit funds and the effect that it has on the lives of the common people. The film which was started way before these scams came to the highlight has great similarities with the ongoing problems.

The film is about Bhubon (Priyam) who works in an investment company Dhanalakshmi Bhandar. Like any other young man, Bhubon has big dreams and he hopes to achieve them with the help of his job. Nusrat (Bidita Bag), a journalist by profession is in love with him and they have dreams of living together. Things take a turn when news about arms dealers coming in their area reaches the police. Arvind (Rajesh Sharma), officer of the National Investigative Agency arrests Bhubon and reveals to him that he has been working in a chit fund. He is made to realize the work that he has been doing is similar to that of chit fund agents. His father, an erstwhile freedom fighter, Raman Das (Victor Banerjee) is devastated as result of this. He is a staunch believer in the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and he shoots his son in a quarrel. Then he and his wife consume sleeping pills. However destiny has something else in mind. His wife dies as a result of the sleeping pills but he survives. He discloses to Arvind that Sujoy Sen Sharma (Soumitra Chatterjee) an erstwhile freedom fighter is now cheating people by means of chit funds. With the help of Arvind, Raman Das goes out of his way to eradicate this evil from the society and show the real face of Sujoy Sen Sharma to the society. This forms the rest of the story.

Director Partha Sarathi Joarder must be given the credit for handling such a delicate and topical issue well. The issue that he develops in the film is very relevant. The lack of knowledge among the people in general about the chit funds and how they are been exploited by the companies have been shown brilliantly. The director aptly shows how the chit fund owners invest their money. Film cities, spas, beauty parlors, are some of the areas where the money is invested.

Veteran actors Victor Banerjee as Raman Das and Soumita Chatterjee as Sujoy Sen Sharma are the two pillars of the film. They are like the two extremes- one is the idealist while the other exploits the people. Rajesh Sharma also does a good job as the Officer of the National Investigative Agency. The weak links in the film is Priyam and Bidita Bag. Bidita who showed promise in her first Bollywood film “From Sydney With Love” does not fare well in her role as Nusrat. Even Priyam goes over the top in many of his scenes.

The music in the film by Sanchita is quite pleasing for the ears. “Dishehara mon shonena baron” or “Khujechi toke sudhu din raat e” are hummable. The item numbers are a pain for the ears and sleazy. The director should not have added the item numbers. This weakens the flow of the film.

Kagojer Nouko works to a great extent for three simple reasons- the good story, the acting by veteran actors like Victor Banerjee and Soumitra Chattejee and thirdly for the apt timing of the release of the film.

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