Canada Officially Proclaims Wesak Day, Zenji Acharya Gives Rousing Address At Queen's Park

Toronto, Ontario, May 12, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The Honorable Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford proclaimed Wesak Day in honor of Lord Buddha stating "it was also recognized by the UN General Assembly and provides an opportunity to promote the message of compassion, peace, goodwill and devotion to humanity". A special event was held at the historic Queen's Park site of the Ontario Legislature and was attended by both monks and laity from all traditions as well as decorated professors in Buddhism from the world renown research center, University of Toronto.

The rousing keynote address was given by acclaimed expert on Indian heritage, Zenji Acharya who elaborated on the many reasons why Albert Einstein dubbed Buddhism the "religion of the future" and how Buddha first enunciated universal equality as well as equal rights for women and minorities that are today the hallmarks of Western societies. Zenji Acharya also cited the famous example of Buddha rescuing a swan with the message - "true strength lies not in taking lives but in saving them - and therefore every day someone stands up for those in need and against bullying in all forms, they honor Lord Buddha."

The event was followed up by a Mother's Day visit to the Zoroastrian community to celebrate their position as India's favorite adopted child. "The Parsis have contributed in an exemplary manner to all walks of Indian culture and India is proud to be their adopted Motherland as well", exclaimed Acharya.

Furthermore, the NRI community will honor B.R. Ambedkar who was recently voted as the Greatest Indian in a poll spearheaded by History TV18 and CNN IBN where nearly 2 crore votes were cast, making him the most popular Indian figure since the launch of the initiative. Zenji Acharya will also be the keynote speaker to pay tribute to the important legacy of Ambedkar as the chief architect of the constitution of the world's largest democracy. In addition, the Hindu temples of Canada are also planning to celebrate Wesak as Lord Buddha is highly revered by Indians as the last great avatar of Vishnu.

Canadian chaplain Jessica Smith who also runs Canada's only Vegetarian Food Bank in association with one of the world's leading charities Tzu Chi International pointed out, "As Asia is poised to overtake the West as the global leader, Westerners are eagerly looking for an authentic speaker on Asian spirituality and Zenji Acharya is clearly becoming the go-to expert on Dharma. His eloquent grasp of Indian traditions founded by his own ancestors and his ability to explain them in a cool and exciting way have earned him the status of a Dharma rockstar - a modern-day Brahmin-Buddhist who can reach the masses and the youth like no other guru in the world today".