Fultu Timepass Stressbuster Go Goa Gone "Keels" it!

Let's Keel Dead Peepal - Go Goa Gone

Mumbai, May 10, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The first of its kind zom-com- Go Goa Gone has certainly made it to the ‘Must Watch’ list with all the praises and commendations that the movie has garnered.  The nerve-tickling chemistry between the trio (Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Anand Tiwari) and the crackling dialogues have certainly been the talk-of-the-town with audiences as well as the critics appreciating the film.

Synopsis: Hardik and Luv are two dope heads who tag along to Goa with their best buddy, Bunny, on his business trip. Luv comes across a free-spirited girl, Luna who casually invites them to an exclusive underground rave party on a remote island! The party is the brainchild of the macho Russian Mafioso , Boris, to launch the ultimate party drug. But something is not right on this island! All of a sudden, they are accosted by zombies! Where did these zombies come from? And who is Boris really? And why has this cold-hearted drug-dealing don come to save their lives? Together they need to get the hell out of the infected island! But do they?

The critics have been betting on the fact that Go Goa Gone is positively different from anything one has seen before.

“A zombie fest that's savagely funny and surreptitiously scary. Go for Go Goa Gone . It is a stressbuster with balls nerve and chutzpah”, mentioned Subash K Jha in his review.

The digital platforms have been buzzing with praises about this film coming in from everywhere.

Even people from the industry are left quite impressed with this laugh riot. Bejoy Nambiar tweeted “Go Goa Gone was fultu timepass. @kunalkemmu was super funny in the film. Mazaa aa gaya”.

The film promises to leave one in splits from the very start to the end. Soha Ali Khan tweeted, “Go goa gone out in theatres.. go now, you won't regret it! I saw it last night and I’m still laughing.. @kunalkemmu I m so proud of you!!”

To sum it all, directors Raj & DK have done it yet again after their successful stint in Shor: In the City. This time around, the duo has put together a ‘paisa-vasool’ entertainer. Doing justice to the idea of ‘Zom-Com’ that they have introduced, the film has some brilliant performances by Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Anand Tiwari and Puja Gupta. Catch the zom-com in theatres NOW!

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