Shyamal Uncle Turns off the Lights wins Outstanding International Feature award at ReelWorld Film Festival

Film Poster: Shyamal Kaku, Corporationer Baati, Ebong… (Shyamal Uncle Turns off the Lights)

Washington, DC, May 8, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Shyamal Uncle Turns off the Lights continues earning accolades from audiences and critics all over the world. It was screened at the ReelWorld Film Festival in Toronto where it won the award for Outstanding International Feature, a rare feat for a Bengali film. Titled "Shyamal Kaku, Corporationer Baati, Ebong…" in Bengali, the movie continues to generate interest in the festival circuit with upcoming shows this month at the Green Film Festival in Seoul, next month at the Freiburger Film Forum in Germany, and in July at the Indian Film Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. It is also slated for a show at the Smithsonian in Washington DC in August.

Written and directed by Suman Ghosh and produced by Arindam Ghosh, the Bangla movie, based on a true incident, traces the journey of Shyamal Uncle, an eighty-year old retiree, as he wades through an apathetic system with a seemingly trivial goal – turn off the street lights near his home which are left on even during the day.

Colin Burrows is the executive producer and the Bengali movie is being distributed in North America by Global Film Initiative.

Vincent Malausa at Cahiers du Cinema calls it “extraordinary magic …..leads to one of the most beautiful happy endings we have ever seen” and “the impeccable rhythm and the art with which the director deals with new twists….invite the audience to understand that a true epic is told in the small adventure.”

Ed Felien writes in another review that “With echoes of Kurosawa’s ‘Ikiru,’ the great 1952 Japanese film about a low level bureaucrat who gets a playground for a neighborhood, and solidly in the tradition of the Indian realism of Satyajit Ray - Pather Panchali and the Apu Trilogy, Suman Ghosh, the writer and director, establishes himself as an important filmmaker in the 21st century.”

Watch: Trailer of Shyamal Kaku, Corporationer Baati, Ebong… (Shyamal Uncle Turns off the Lights)