Anubhab Dey and Chandan Sen Win TMILL EMSA East Coast Wild Run Car Rally in India

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Winners of East Coast Wild Run 2013 Anubhab and Chandan

Kolkata, May 7, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The results of TMILL EMSA EAST COAST WILD RUN, 2013 from Kolkata to Puri covering a distance of nine hundred and fifty kilometers was declared at Calcutta Rowing Club in the presence of Shri Goutam Mohan Chakraborty (IPS) and Debasis Kumar (MMIC). The rally which started initially with twenty four cars from Kolkata was later joined by four cars from Dhamra.

The rally was flagged off on the 27th of April and ended on the 29th. The event was started by a flagging off ceremony where Tollywood actresses June Maliah and Sayani Dutta were also present. The TSD format for four wheelers was followed as per the guidelines and norms of FMSCI.

Indian Tollywood Kolkata Bangla Movie Actresses June Maliah and Sayani Dutta at Rally flag off
June Maliah and Sayani Dutta at Rally flag off

The total prize money for the rally was a sum of 4.15 lakhs. The rally was organized to promote tourism in the states of West Bengal and Orissa. This rally also was organized so that the ports of both the states could be highlighted for the people. It also highlighted the everlasting relations between the two states.

At the recently held prize distribution ceremony organized at the Calcutta Rowing Club, Anubhab Dey and Chandan Sen won the first position in the inaugural rally in the Expert Category on the best TSD points after two days of the rally. The pair won a glittering trophy and a cash prize of fifty thousand rupees.  The second prize in this category was won by the pair of Subir Roy and Amit Saha. This pair won prize money of thirty five thousand rupees. Shekhar Chowdhury and Suvrajit Dutta bagged the third prize and took away home an amount of twenty five thousand rupees.

The eight stock cars which took part in the rally were also given prizes at the ceremony. Sourav Chatterjee and Moulinath Ghosh bagged the first prize and a sum of seventy five thousand rupees. Somdeb Chanda and Nirob Mehta got the second position and an amount of fifty thousand rupees. Forty thousand rupees was given to the pair of Subhankar Saha and Ashok Kumar Basu who held the third position in this category.

The sponsors of the rally – Tata Motors, ECB, ACE Commercial, Piramlal Mohanlal were thanked for supporting the rally and for encouraging the drivers to go on this rally through the rough terrain and jungles of both the states.

Rallies of this kind are a good way to promote adventure tourism and new generation sports. The city will be eager to witness such rallies in the future.