Interview: Music Director Mithoon - "I guarantee Tum Hi Ho is not an inspired song"

Bollywood Hindi Film Songs Music Director Mithoon (WBRI)

Mumbai, May 7, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The most recent flick of the year 2013 is Aashiqui 2. The music of the bollywood hindi film is mesmerizing and it is said that because of the music the film was such a huge success. One of the major hits of the movie is the song ‘Tum Hi Ho’. The song is written and composed by the 28 years old music director, Mithoon. He started his musical journey from the movie Zeher in 2005. Mithoon’s father Naresh Sharma gave the music for the 1993 film ‘Aashiqui’. Looks like the music of Aashiqui runs in their family!

Mithoon composed the music for 3 songs in the film - Tum Hi Ho, Meri Aashiqui and a Theme song. These are some of the few highlights from the conversation with Mithoon.

Bollywood Hindi Film Songs Music Director Mithoon (WBRI)Your songs were one of the reasons that made Aashiqui 2 a huge success. What do u have to say on that?

If that’s the thing, then I am very happy that the audience liked my music.

Did you think that even Aashiqui 2’s music will be liked by the audience?

Whenever I compose a music, I try my level best that I don’t disappoint the audience with my music. Even this time I was in the similar mind set. I am very happy that they liked my music.

Tum Hi Ho is sung by a new artist. Didn’t you feel that you are taking a risk?

No, never. Because, Arijit’s voice is new and smooth. I always try to give a chance to the new and upcoming artists.

It’s always that whenever a song gets popular amongst the audience, later it is discovered that the song is ‘inspired’ by some European or an American song. Will the same happen with Tum hi ho? This will surely break your fans’ hearts.

No, nothing like that will happen. I guarantee that ‘Tum Hi Ho’ is not an inspired song.

You have given music majority of the times for Bhatt camp. Is there any special reason for that?

The reason is that, my father Naresh Sharma gave music for many of Bhatt Sir’s films and even I started my carrier with his film Zeher and then came Murder 2 and Jism 2.

Is it true that you do not want to give music for any of the item number songs?

Bollywood Hindi Film Songs Music Director Mithoon (WBRI)

Yes it is true. I don’t want to make music which will offend people. I respect women and I want to make music which will not disrespect them.

When will we listen to the next Tumhi Ho ?

I am doing many films. Amongst them are Veda, Bhaag Johnny, Traffic and Hate story 2.

Watch Tum Hi Ho Meri Aashiqui Official Full Video Song from Aashiqui 2 - Music Video (You Tube)

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