Nakshatra Releases First Bangla Punk Rock Album "108" in Kolkata

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Bengali Punk Rock Band Songs Singer Sanchari Banik
Sanchari Banik


Kolkata, May 4, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Finally Punk Rock music enters the Bengali music arena with the release of the Bangla audio songs album “108” by the Kolkata music group (band) Nakshatra at Music World. The album was launched by DBS Music. Present at the launch of the album was eminent singer Sidhartha Ray (Sidhu), Nondon Bagchi and head of DBS music Debadyuti Sanyal.

Bengali Punk Rock Band NAKSHATRA

Speaking with this WBRI correspondent, guitarist Ruble gave us a sneak peek into the album. The album has eight songs and one song is in an acoustic version featuring a new artist Sanchari Banik. “The name of the album has been given 108 as it has a three sided significance. Firstly it is used to denote those people who believe in god. They chant hymns 108 times or offer 108 flowers during Pujas. The band members do not believe in these rituals and hence the name. Secondly, the music of the album despite being punk rock is melodious and harmonious. This will be loved by music lovers. And thirdly, there are times when we are angry with someone. Instead of abusing the person, one can simply make them listen the song 108,” added Ruble.

The band Nakshatra was initially formed in 2005 when the band members were in school. The band consists of four members - Sayak is the vocalist and guitarist, Saikat on bass, Ruble on guitar and P2 on drums.

The members of the band struggled through several hardships before finding them a place in the world of music. They had to undergo hardships due to financial constraints as they did not get much sponsorship initially. They however got immense help from sponsors in this album.

Punk rock is a genre of music which showcases immense attitude. The rebellious nature of the singers is what brings vitality and fun in the songs. Despite being of rock genre of music, there is no overwhelming use of sounds which will spoil the effect of the songs.

The songs in the album include “Swadhinota”, “I want u again”, “Shopoth”, “Cigarette”, “Grihojuddho”, “Shopoth acoustic version” and “Sioresomon”. The music has been composed by the band members themselves. The songs have been composed during their school and college days. Three songs have been composed during their school days and the rest during their college days.

Debadyuti Sanyal
Debadyuti Sanyal

Tanmoy Biswas, Sayantan Chakladar, Ramasish Bhowmick and Poushali Ganguly have written the songs for the album.

Nondon BagchiNondon Bagchi
Nondon Bagchi

After the music launch of the album, Siddhartha Ray said “I was initially apprehensive as I have been invited to many music launches when I have not heard the songs. This time I ensured that I have heard the songs. I listened to two songs and I feel that the band is doing a great job. They are reviving the band culture which is slowly and gradually dying out. If the band continues like this, there will be a revival of the band culture again”.

Sidhartha Ray (Sidhu)
Sidhartha Ray (Sidhu)

He spoke against piracy and encouraged all to buy more and more CDs to support the artists.

Bengali Punk Rock Album 108

Nondon Bagchi congratulated the band for their first Punk rock album and hoped that they will be performing live at many events and earning due recognition with the passing of time. He also praised them for their efforts at bringing out such an album on punk rock.

Bengali Punk Rock Album 108

Debadyuti Sanyal of DBS music present at the launch said “When the band members approached me with their album, I had doubts about the songs. But after I heard the sons, I was pleased with the compositions. The band members are very hard working and they are just like friends to me.”

Bengali Punk Rock Album 108

The band after the music album launch regaled the audience by performing the songs from the album - Cigarette, Sopoth and 108.

Haunting melodies, lush harmonies, driving rhythms and complex sonic explorations of the album 108 will leave you craving for more.