“Let the Fire Burn” WINNER Best Editing at the Tribeca Film Festival 2013


Different era, same problems. This doc and winner for Best Editing at Tribeca Film Festival 2013, sheds light on the African American liberation organization “MOVE” created by John Africa in the late 1970′s. The founder reminded all that “Move is not a cult. It is an organization.”  They preached peace, yet practiced the opposite. The followers were taught that “the system” was corrupt, and not to use technology, yet they had cars and telephones. While citizens of Philadelphia and neighbors grew tired, they began to complain about the groups living habits, harassment, and child neglect. Finally, the police went to extremes to try to resolve the conflicting lifestyles, and the story is told through the court hearings, incredible video footage and one of two survivor’s, Michael Moses Ward’s, deposition.

Winner Best Editing, Nels Bangerter, at Tribeca Film Festival 2013!